The 5 – Most Read Blogs Of All-Time

Earlier this week we released the 108 FAQ, giving you an insight about who we are and what we do. If you haven’t, you should read it here. And after you read that, check out our 5 MOST READ BLOGS OF ALL TIME.

First up, read how normal people with normal intelligence HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA ON HOW TO USE A BATHROOM. This was an idea that both Chorizy and My Sox Summer talked out over many, many, many beers. It’s no wonder that it’s our best read blog.

Sometimes, you post something at the right time. Our guy BeefLoaf nailed it with this blog. Good Writing + Good Timing = Our second best read blog of all time.

When you are a mysterious guy on #WhiteSox Twitter people wanna know about you. In our interview Series, Ken.W.O. is tops. How about that brother?

The White Sox cap has such a long history. My Sox Summer wrote about the grunge years in this blog. Eddie Vedder, what a turncoat!

Listen up, sex sells, we know this. Check our our highly rated #SundaySoak over on our YouTube channel, it just oozes with……..uh…….something. And when you can wish a former Cy Young Award Winner and former Playgirl model Happy 69th Birthday, you do it!

And there you have it folks! Our best work in blog form. Take a look and let us know YOUR favorite.

-The 108

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