FromThe108 FAQ: Allow ourselves to introduce…ourselves

People stumble upon FromThe108 in a variety of ways and the reaction is often “what the heck is this?” Well, allow us to answer that for you. Think of this as the FromThe108 FAQ:

Who/What Is FromThe108?

In 2008, die hard White Sox fans and brothers BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E decided to purchase a ticket plan for their beloved team. Why Section 108? Well, because it was the cheapest on the lower deck. And the Sox had an awesome Weekend Package at the time of only Sat/Sun games. In 2012 MySoxSummer, after moving to Bridgeport, attempted and accomplished going to 50 games for under $500. This was before the dawn of $5 Sunday tickets and $3 Flash Sales. He instantly became a mainstay in the 108 and the three friends sat together for years taking in games, drinking many beers, meeting countless people, and gathering endless stories. By 2016, it had become so much fun that they decided to begin to capture the fan experience in a blog. At that point, the FromThe108 blog started. Since then, they have added a Podcast and a YouTube channel.

What is #108ING?

You may have seen this on Twitter or maybe you saw it in the Jon Greenberg article below or maybe you were given a PointsBet promo code or maybe you just saw someone wearing a shirt from Whichever way it happened, you might be asking what is #108ING?

Excerpt from The Athletic

#108ING is really just you having a great time. Whatever that means to you. For us, it’s typically sharing an adult beverage with our favorite people. And it’s at its best when we’re together in Section 108 at Sox Park. To answer where/when did it all start, we have to go back in time on the Twitter machine to this tweet. Back when we didn’t even know how to hashtag.

Twitter feed is not available at the moment.

What is the #108Tourney?

The #108Tourney is a 108 Twitter Account bracket that includes all of our favorites from #WhiteSoxTwitter. It’s a really fun competition filled with videos, tweets, and all around good times. We think of it as the biggest #FollowFriday we can create.

For more details on how it began, how it grew, and how it functions, here’s BeefLoaf:

What is the #SundaySoak?

On the Sunday of each White Sox homestand, we jump in BeefLoaf’s hot tub and do a live video called the Sunday Soak recapping the weekend and/or answering the questions you’ve submitted through Twitter.

What is #108Fest?

After one of the nights of SoxFest, each year, we do a live show and are joined by Josh Nelson of SoxMachine. Usually set at a bar, to meet up with Sox fans and have a few panels of guests. 2020 was virtual, you know, like everything else.

What is #108Day?

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