2020 White Sox Promos with MSS

Hey hey! Let’s talk about the important shit. The real shit. You wanna read about numbers and shit? Read this. You wanna find a new band? Read this. If you wanna read about how I killed the promo predictions in 2020….KEEP ON FUCKING READING. On July 22nd, 2019 I created a bobblehead wish list. Oh you didn’t read it? Well, here it is. Nope, your eyes don’t deceive you. I correctly predicted 3 bobbleheads to be given away in 2020. Let’s take a look.

Lucas Giolito All Star – SoxFest 2020 Release.

Boom. Way to go me. MSS Thoughts – This bobblehead fucking rocks my socks.

Tim Anderson Bat Flip – 5/30 SGA.

They even used my mock-up on this one too. You think I’m joking? Take a look –

As the Church Lady would say “Well isn’t that special?” Nailed it yet again. MSS Thoughts – This bobblehead fucking flips my shit.

Yoan Moncada – 4/18 SGA.

Folks, I don’t even need to take credit on this one as it was long overdue for this guy to get a bobble. It’s fucking #SoChoice and will look G-RATE in any collection. But that was my 3rd right one on 5 guesses / requests. I still would like my Kopech / Cease debut double and my MC Cann 90’s night bobble, but these are three bangers that I fucking called.

Now, I wanna extend my thanks to the White Sox marketing department for using my ideas. It’s not the first time they have used 108 ideas though. Back in the day, 4/6/16 Chorizy requested they do $1 Hot Dogs. Again, he requested other bullshit too, but he nailed that one.

I am not in the market for a job yet White Sox, but when I am, you best believe I expect an interview mostly due to me having my finger on the fucking pulse of giveaways. It cannot be denied any longer.

Ranking The Inital 2020 Promos

I am 100% biased about all the bobbles so I am gonna kick them outta the list here. They “slap” or “fuck” as the kids (Or ‘Loaf say) even the shitty Star Wars Lucas Giolito one. Fucking change the record! Gimme a Jack Parkman!

MSS’s Top 4 Non-Bobbling Promos

#1 White Sox Basketball Jersey

This thing is #SoChoice. You got the skyline. You got the Chicago stars. It’s got that classic Chicago script. The only drawback is that my fat ass won’t fit into it. I am gonna have skinny guy envy when this comes out 6/27.

#2 Puffy Vest

Listen, I will admit it, I am puffy vest guy. As a guy who creates some heat, I like keeping the expansive core warm and toasty. PLUS, the vest is very slimming for the most part. Am I shocked that G Rate is sponsoring this? Hell no I am not. They bring out the best in promos. Cheers to you guys!

#3 1960 Replica Scoreboard

This is pretty #Dope. It will look good with my older White Sox bobbleheads on the retro shelf. I just wish the advertisements were the same as in 1960, which were Winston Cigarettes, 76 Gas and Budweiser. Back when men were men. Wanna see some fun shit? Check this out –

#4 White Sox Hoodie

Hoodie game is STILL strong. Looks like a tech style, which all the folks love, so this will be a hot item. Classic logos and love the white inner lining in the hood. That’s cool, details, baby, details.

The rest…

Now listen, I ain’t crazy about the other 2 early releases. Mostly cause they are repeats and well, they are pretty meh.

Meh. Like the return of the black and white, not too crazy about the design. Old heads will love it, but seems kinda lame to me.

Well, it’s 4th year in a row and it looks like they ran out of ideas. Last year in the ’83 colors was cool, but the “oil spill” sleeves this design has seems to be lacking some creativity. Patch is the same as it always has been, just seems like it was tossed together.

Overall, not a bad list and I am sure more will be announced at SoxFest. Sox have been killing the promo game for years, so I have major faith in what will drop in 2020.


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