MSS’s 2020 BobbleHead Wish List

This weekend the White Sox will give away a Spiderman bobblehead. it looks pretty sweet and it’s limited to 12k. And since the Abreu bobble debacle, the White Sox have decided to enforce (albeit selectively) the 1 giveaway per fan “rule” so it shouldn’t be gone if you get there a little late. Take a look at this guy, he looks #SoChoice.


Now, this isn’t the only bobblehead that you can pick up this weekend from the White Sox. White Sox Charities on Sunday will be releasing a bobble for 2019 HOF’er Harold Baines, and the fucker talks! This is a good looking bobble too, which I am assuming is kinda a mini (think Talking Hawk / Chris Sale K Counter). It will be for sale on the 1st level for $35. You can also buy 1 of 150 premium packages (like Wally $ did) and meet Harold while you pick up your bobble. He’ll sign it and even add in the HOF. Not a bad deal if you have the $$$. Even if you can’t make it Sunday, they will ship it to you. Details here.

So get your ass out to the park and get some bobbles. This got me thinking, what bobbles do I wanna see next year? I know you guys wanna know my thoughts too, so here I go.

Lucas Giolito All-Star / SGA

Yup, gotta do it. It’s a fucking no brainer. Guy is killing this year and if he happens to win the Cy Young, well, we should add that in too. I’d take an action pose from the ASG or even just him in his ASG jersey. Possibly holding the aforementioned Cy Young award. It makes sense. It’s easy. He’s earned it.

MC Cann / 90’s Night / Special Ticket

Now listen, you guys just gotta get onboard with my nickname. Don’t like it? Well, you’re wrong. MC Cann is the best, it’s kid tested and mom approved. Think of the least offensive rapper ever, has to be MC Hammer. Think of the most God-fearing catcher, least offensive catcher ever, it’s MC Cann baby! I am pretty sure Jonnie Nonnie has made a GIF of him busting out his dance movies in the dugout, guy got skilz. It would make sense to do this on a theme night, how about 90’s night? I know, you’re welcome Sox Marketing Department.

Bat Flip Tim Anderson / SGA

Normally I wouldn’t advocate for a player to get a 3rd (SGA 2018, 50 game Check In 2019) bobblehead in 3 years, but Tim Anderson deserves it. He woke a bunch of people up with his electric bat flips to start 2019. Now, how can we get that bat to hover? Well, you can use a clear piece to make it just float, or magnets. How do you use a magnet? Well, according to @AussieSoxFan’s favorite band Insane Clown Posse, they are a gift from God and they just work.

Yet another simple bobblehead to make. People love #TA7. Cash in White Sox.

Dylan Cease / Michael Kopech Dual Debut / Future Stars / Sox Charities Release

The Sox have been very reluctant to release a new guy as a bobblehead (MONCADA!), for awhile. I call it the Nick Swisher Curse. BUT they are doing an Eloy “First Home Run” Bobble this August so maybe that ship has sailed. So let’s hope they see this and say “Fuck Yeah MSS!”.

Sox Charities did a dual of Tim Raines when he went into the HOF a couple years ago. It’s a beaut of a bobble, especially with the Expos uni. In that thought, we NEED, we DEMAND, a Kopech / Cease Dual Debut. Put them both in signature poses and to put this bobble over the top, use the old Topps “Future Star” logo for the plaque. Names on the base, debut dates on the back. Fucking golden. No need to thank me White Sox.


Do I even have to say it? He’s been hitting “piss missiles” all year. His transition has been seamless to 3rd. Plus we don’t have a bobble of ol’ #10 yet. What we do have is 17 Jose Abreu bobbles (yet we can’t extend him till the season is over, what?) but no Moncada. That, frankly, is BULLSHIT. Make it with a headband or without, just fucking make it. The guy deserves it after his performance so far this year defensively and offensively. AMIRITE? OF COURSE I FUCKING AM.

So there you have it White Sox Marketing Department. I did your job for you again, as far as bobblehead selections for next year. Wanna thank me? No need! It’s what the 108 does. Mostly for good, sometimes for the (as @AussieSoxFan’s second favorite band Limp Bisket says) nookie. Have a complaint? A question? A comment? Tweet at me on the Twitters – @mysoxsummer. You’re wrong, but I’ll humor you. Yes, even you Wally $.


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