Music With MySoxSummer!

Oh look at me switching it up! Yep, I also listen to music and since we didn’t have a podcast this week, Chorizy couldn’t give you a band to check out. My kid seems to be sleeping a little longer today, so I thought I would help out my buddy and write a quick music recommendation about an Australian band we both love.

I don’t know alot but I do know that my man Chorizy LOVES this band. Why does he LOVE this band? I shared the videos with him on Saturday and he couldn’t shut them off. He was drinking wine and raining praise down upon them like a linebacker tossing singles at a strip club. Example – “It’s so simple, BUT SO FUCKING GOOD!” I knew he liked punk music and has a great sense of humor, so it was a no brainer that he’d LOVE them. He knows good music when he hears it and folks, this is good music. I present to you Australia’s very own….The Chats.

“Smoko” was the first song I heard by these guys and let me tell you, after a quick Google to find out what “smoko” was I really liked this song. Chorizy, being the worldly guy he is, already knew what “smoko” was so he was really “down to clown” with this song right from the start.

Here’s the thing, The Chats, have it all. Dope hair! A ginger mullet? GTFOH. Cool sunglasses. Dope ASS beats. And Chorizy’s favorite, awesome bass playing by the lead singer. Multi-fucking-talented that guy. Hard working, just like Chorizy!

Now this isn’t the first band from AU that Chorizy and I both like, we’re both huge fans of Silverchair too. Israel’s Son is bomb track, you should for sure check it out. So it was no surprise to me when Chorizy claimed The Chats as “basically the punk version of Silverchair” which is pretty high praise in our world.

So do Chorizy a solid and check out The Chats on their YouTube. even more great songs there, dealing with the topics of today. Identity Theft. Bus Money. Doing what they want. All great and loved by Chorizy.

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