White Sox Run Club: 108 Mile Challenge

At the start of 2021 I started up the White Sox Run Club with a goal of having more White Sox fans interact with each other.  While it was a small group last year, it was still enjoyable to see others stay motivated to be active all while feeling they accomplished a feat.  I recently discussed with Beef, Chorizy, and MSS the idea of bringing back the 108 mile challenge that was tasked by some last year.  Seeing that the three of them have been on a mission with the #108WeightLoss challenge, this was the perfect time to collaborate with them and invite others to hop on board for the 2022 edition of the White Sox Run Club.  (Important Note:  All are welcome regardless of ability!  The more that join, the more fun this will be.  Walking is also very much allowed, despite the “run” part of the club’s title.) 

If Wally can do it, so can you! (photo credit: Sammy Davis Jr. 5000)

What Is The 108 Mile Challenge?

The goal of this is self explanatory: Run (or walk!!) 108 miles between January 1st 2022 and March 31st 2022, which just so happens to be White Sox Opening Day. (so long as the owners and players reach a deal and the season starts on time.)  This averages out to 1.2 miles per day if you were to run (or walk!) every single day.    

Listen to MSS!! (photo credit to Wet Bandit)

How Can You Participate?

The more people that get involved, the more fun it becomes.  Even if you fall short of the 108 miles, it still is a great way to practice an active lifestyle during the lull of the dark, winter, months that we all struggle with in the midwest.  With that being said here’s how you can join in:

  • Log and track your mileage.  This is crucial because how else will you know how many miles you’ve run/walked?
  • IMPORTANT: Tweet your runs/walks with the hashtag #WhiteSoxRunClub. (bonus points if you include #108WeightLoss)  Get creative, have fun with this, show everyone your updated miles and what you’ve accomplished! Where did you run/walk? How far was your run? Etc.  All of these will be retweeted for everyone to see.  
  • All miles count.  Whether it’s on a treadmill, outdoors, or walking 25 miles at work like Mail Man Jack, count it!  We want everyone involved!
  • Continue tweeting out your runs/walks as much as possible with updates on your mileage.  
  • Most importantly.  Have fun!!  This is meant to be a thing to motivate White Sox Fans and another way for all of us to interact with each other.  
Take care of your nipples to avoid chafing like Beef Loaf. (photo credit: Wet Bandit)

I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress throughout the 108 mile challenge. 

Happy New Year!

-Brew Hand Luke

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