Hard Decisions with MSS.

I was gonna call this blog MSS’s Sophie’s Choice. But that looked weird so I changed it to Sophie’s Choice with MSS. Then I was all, “Hey, I should get a video of the movie to add in the blog. That’d be FIRE.” Then I found the wiki page for the movie and read the “choice” part. Reading it was rough, but then I watched it. OMFG. Guts ripped right outta me. I’ve heard the saying for years (Stern says it all the time) but had never watched it. I think I am gonna retire that saying from my lexicon as it was just 100% horrible. Never seen it? Well, here ya go.

When the White Sox announced the next round of giveaways, it included a Lucas Giolito “X Wing Death Star Fighter Or Some Shit” Bobblehead would be given away on a SUNDAY, June 27th. Oh that’s a great change of pace White Sox, it’s not like I am busy on SUNDAYS……………….MOTHER FUCKER, YES I AM! Maybe you don’t respect it you assholes, but the Sunday Soak is a piece of drunk performance art that I fully enjoy taking part in. High or not, I always talk too much and drink even more. It’s a FABULOUS way to start a Sunday IMO.

Sunday Soak 4/11/2021 - From The 108 - Baseball. Beer. Bullsh*t.

You know who wants me to miss that? My beloved team, THEE Chicago White Sox. I wouldn’t put it past our guy in game day operations for setting this up on purpose just to fuck with me. That’s low Mike, real low buddy. You are forcing me make a very hard decision. Bros or Bobbles?

5 Tips to Build Trust in Your Decision-Making Abilities | Leading with Trust

My love of bobbleheads is pretty well documented. Most recently I was on the GGTB podcast and we talked mostly about giveaways, specifically bobbleheads. I own every bobblehead that has been issued by the team, plus a few that were never readily available to the public. It’s just a thing that I got into back when I lived out west, and really upped my game moving to Bridgeport. The collection is massive and I’ve run out of room to be honest. But for some reason, I rarely turn down an opportunity to purchase more when given the chance.

White Sox 2020 promotional review - South Side Sox

My love of the brothers, Chorizy and ‘Loaf is also well documented on video, audio and in the written word. Also the spoken word, usually after midnight after a beer or twenty two. I can’t wait to see those guys on Sunday and mix it up for your entertainment. SUCH. A. HARD. DECISION.

Backstory: The Decision trailer - ESPN Video

I have decided to take my talents to the……..HOT TUB. That’s Right! After a long and hard talk within my head, I made the call to get half naked with my bros and bring the Ha Ha’s on this coming Sunday. I will forgo my bobblehead* to the public…..you are welcome.


*My family and Aloha Mr. Hand will be getting me my bobblehead. Plus I get one at the end of the year in my season ticket holder box. Both things played into my decision, but my love of the fans and the bros is what should be focused on here. Thanks in advance.

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