1 Thing I Would Have Talked About If We Did A Podcast This Week – True Detective.

Alexandra Daddario. You know. If you don’t know, Google.

If you’ve listened to our most recent podcast, you might have missed something early in the show. Ot happened during the intros where we pass it around and talk about how we are doing. It was during this time Mr. BeefLoaf said he wasn’t sleeping too well cause he had just watched the first 2 episodes of True Detective and was trying to figure out what happened. Wait, wut?

This fucker was trying to figure out what happened! IT’S TWO FUCKING SHOWS IN! It looks to be slated for 8 episodes at least, so how is a guy who has the physique of Columbo (but not necessarily the brilliant mind) losing sleep this early in the game?

Now, I ain’t saying ‘Loaf is dumb, he is actually crazy fucking smart. I run stuff by him all the time. But the smartest guy easily is Chorizy. I am the dumbest guy outta the 3, no question, but hardly the dumbest guy you’ll ever meet. There is no way that there has been enough information given to the viewer to form an opinion much less a theory in the first 2 episodes.

In the first two episodes they are just laying the foundation for the whole story. You don’t move into your house right after they pour the concrete do ya? Nope, you let them frame it. Lay the pipe. Run electric. Hang drywall. You know what I am saying. You gotta give it time to get built.

Is that BeefLoaf squatting up in the attic?

If you haven’t watched True Detective (it’s on it’s 3rd season, but they are all different stories, not connected) you should start on Season 1. Trust me. It’s creepy, mostly cause it seems like could happen. You can skip Season 2, it was fucking odd. Like not all that entertaining odd. Now, it’s early in the game, but Season 3 seems like a return to the roots. I know you have been fucked by the term before, I know I have (Zwan record sounding like classic Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam records, ect), but it really seems like the 1st season so far.

One thing that came very clear in the 3rd episode is that Stephen Dorff is slowly morphing into Fred Durst. Seriously, check this out –

You put a red Yankees cap on Stephen here he looks like a young Fred Durst. Fred hasn’t aged as well as Stephen, and Stephen smokes like a fucking chimney. And it ain’t a Blu E Cigarette in the show, he makes sweet mouth love to an old school cig about every 32 seconds.

So that is one thing I would have talked about if we had done a podcast this week. I also would have lost my shit about a claim that the Sox could have signed Avi Garcia for what he signed for in Tampa. Yes, someone said that. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

Listen, if you were a contract worker and you went into the bosses office to sign a new contract and YOU KNEW it was supposed to pay $8 million dollars. Now when you get in that meeting they say, no, we aren’t gonna pay you that, we’d like to offer you less than half of that. How well would that go in your life? You gonna take that offer? FUCK NO YOU WOULDN’T. You are gonna tell that boss to get fucked and leave ASAP. As well you should. I am happy that Avi got a job somewhere, but he no way would have signed with the Sox for less than they would have paid him had they wanted to resign him. It was a horrible take. Straight up HOT GARBAGE.

Come see us tonight and look for me running around at SoxFest. Wear your 108 gear to get a free koozie!


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