3 Thoughts on Keith Law’s Top 20 White Sox Prospects

The White Sox farm system is pretty meh, but much like your aunt with the hair lip, they’re still yours. That leads me to taking a rip through the various top White Sox prospect lists. Last week I checked out Baseball Prospectus’ top 10, you can read that right HERE. Today, we give yous three thoughts on Keith Law from the Athletic’s Top 20 White Sox Prospects.

I was shocked not to find a “KEITH LAW HATES YOUR TEAM” MEME out there, I might have to make one

Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of Law’s content. When he was at ESPN, he was one of the reasons I had an “Insider” subscription and he’s also one of the reasons why I have kept my sub to the Athletic. His two books, The Inside Game and Smart Baseball are both must reads for anyone that wants to think critically about the game. The Inside Game is basically Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, takes on baseball, which is awesome!

I also enjoy how Law’s prospect coverage tends to not lean on the meaty middle of the curve. If you read him and read the others, you’ll see striking differences, which I LOVE!! It really helps me understand, to see some different thoughts and perspectives. Anyway, that’s enough of the love-fest, let’s get on to my Three Thoughts.

Keith Law’s full Top 20 White Sox Prospect List can be read HERE.

Oscar Colas sounds like an averagish big league regular

This is actually Coca-Colas, and not Oscar Colas, the Oscar Colas pics I found were #NSFW for the average baseball fan

Reading the paragraph on Colas put me at ease about his future with the White Sox. Not that Law was projecting a future superstar, he undoubtedly was not. He highlighted that Colas was an averagish runner (so a little slower than Eloy) that will stay in a corner outfield spot. Colas has good power, with the potential for a good average, but swings at everything.

It sounded like I could see him settling into right field in a year or two and being a nice 6th or 7th hitter. The type of guy that will frustrate me at times, but other times will having us mashing hands in 108 and giving him a curtain call after his second dong of the night.

Not sure why, but this more realistic projection, in my opinion, hit home hard. The normal White Sox prospect centric reports we get where every prospect is primed to be the next addition to Pro Stars, but summarily retires in 5 years without making the majors. I’m feeling good about this one.

Maybe the Prep Pitchers are the Shit?

In my review of the BP Top 10 White Sox prospects, I was pretty down on our recent high school pitcher draftees. Jared Kelley seemingly needs #108WeightLoss (still does in this review) and the kids from 2019 just can’t throw strikes. Well, Law changed my perspective a bit, especially talking about Andrew Dalquist. He noted that Dalquist has picked up the “stuff” and “velocity” gains that were hoped for in his prospect progression. Now it is just a matter of quieting down his delivery. Which I think means, getting all this shit over the plate without getting smashed. Seems like something Ethan Katz has accomplished with both Dylan Cease and Lucas Giolito. Definitely made me feel like maybe things ain’t so bad with these kids.

Keith Includes a guy I have never fucking heard of

That player is right handed 19 year old pitcher out of the Dominican Republic named Cristian Mena. Not only had I never heard of him, but he also stunk last year. Never mind that, I am going to purposefully keep an eye on this dude, even though I’m not sure I’ll even be able to find where he’s playing. Some scout, somewhere, musta put this bug in Keith’s ear and he heard enough to include him, so it’s probably worthwhile. Or this is just the worst farm system in the majors and 20 spots needed to be filled out. Either way, I love it!

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