The 5 – Beef’s Fave Election SZN Movies

The Presidential Election is Tuesday, and well, I’ll be honest, other than trolling some of Mrs. BeefLoaf’s family on Facebook like 8 years ago about how many times I was gonna vote in the election (this is Bridgeport), I just don’t much get into politics. Never really have. I find it the least compelling of all of our American sports, so I just tend to not pay attention to it. One thing I do enjoy though are comedies and it just so happens I have stumbled upon a fistful of political comedies that are just perfect to watch in the run up to the election…..this is THE 5 – BeefLoaf’s favorite 5 Election SZN Movies


Warren Beatty was wildin’ in this movie, it’s one of those you just have to see to get the full point. I can tell you one thing, a 20 year old BeefLoaf was starting to understand his point “The Nappy Dugout, its where you gets the bugout“, all too well….

The Distinguished Gentleman

Undoubtedly the movie I have seen most out of this group of movies, Eddie Murphy doing political comedy is unmatched, but not to be out done, both Charles Dutton and Lane Smith bring terrific performances. If I ever chose to run for office, it would be on the Silver Foxes ticket.


Believe it or not, the name BeefLoaf did not generate from Undefeated Rehabilitation officer Beef Supreme….irregardless, this film is super fucking goofy, but it’s an entertaining Mike Judge creation with Luke Wilson playing a square funny guy (shocking)…..Maya Rudolph and Sara Rue (back before she lost the weight) were looking right in this movie. It’s junk food, but I love it….also I’m still pining for the 108 / Brawndo partnership.

Black Sheep

This is a fucking stupid movie, but Gary Busey kicks all kinds of ass and Mudhoney makes a cameo, wtf else do you want. From now on, my alias shall be Officer Meoff, Jack.

The Campaign

A star studded fucking cast and a fan favorite every time this movie comes on regardless of who we are hanging out with. As good as the stars are, Dylan McDermott and Jason Sudeikis as campaign managers are amazing. “IN GOD WE MUST

So instead of sweating Trump or Biden soundbites, check out one of these movies and realize that no matter what happens, we have humor to comfort us.


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