The 5 – Sports Movie Underdog Moments

Good day friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf and I thought it might be time to throw down a 5 of some personal faves, Sports Movie Underdog Moments.  These are moments that invoke emotion in the old BeefLoaf, scenes that get the blood flowing and make me feel alive…..anywho, let’s get to this shit.

5 – Major League – “Taylor Calls His Shot”

As a now long suffering White Sox fan, this scene is even more electrifying to me than when I first saw it back in the late 80’s.  The fact that Taylor eats shit after crossing first base is just perfect for me, that was all he had, gave it all on that sprint down the line and it was just enough to make the miracle happen.  The look on Rachel Phelps face is also amazing.

4 – Hoosiers – “I Play, Coach Stays”

When I was 17 years old, I did not have the courage and conviction to make things right, under high pressure when everyone was against me.  I also did not have gigantic bowling ball size clangers between my legs, but lucky for Coach Norman Dale, his Senior star Jimmy Chitwood did.  I prefer to let the scene do the talking, it’s beautiful.

3 – The Best of Times – “The Catch”

When Reno Hightower and Jack Dundee try to re-create a big high school football game from 13 years ago, you know hijinx will ensue, but re-living a final play of the big game is high drama.  An oldie but goodie, I suggest you watch the whole thing, it’s an 80’s classic.

The last two scenes are so incredible, bone-chilling and amazing, that I nearly tear up upon seeing them.  If you can’t get yourself emotionally involved in things like this, why bother waking up in the morning.  Yes, I am able to appropriately suspend my disbelief.  Anywho, LEGGO…..

2 – Babe – “Pig”

Imagine having the willingness to think WAY THE FUCK OUTSIDE THE BOX and risk everyone laughing at you and humiliating you in the process.  This scene moves from a crowd of people drowning out the main characters in their disapproval of Arthur Hoggett (played by James Cromwell) for using a pig in a sheep dog competition, to an eerie silence as Babe (the pig) executes absolutely perfectly.  I love unexpected greatness and sometimes it is best enjoyed in silence.

1 – Dodgeball – “Gordon gets angry”

I don’t choose this scene lightly, this is 1980 USA Hockey x Leicester City x NC State Wolfpack, yea, it’s that long of a shot.  This is 28-3 Falcons, this is Illinois vs Arizona with 3:20 on the clock, this is Honey Roy Palmer knocking out 10 men in 24 hours.  It’s all those fucking things balled up together and turns into Secretariat at the Belmont.  This scene really gets me and I think it gets me for two reasons 1) Gordon Pibb is the every man, imagine you getting dropped into Game 6 at Madison Square Garden for the Bulls, just right off the street, there is 3 mins left and you have all the weight on you to pull it out.  2) The flashes to the bench are great!! I want to jump outta my damn seat every time I see them celebrate.  Anyway, this is just the best, let’s get on with it.


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