The 5 – Five Reasons I Like WSD (White Sox Dave)

I was gonna write this blog when Dave was in the trows of his “chain myself to the World Series statue” scandal which then rolled right into the 108’s White Sox Twitter Personality Tourney. So….let’s be honest, Dave didn’t need more promotion to get over the ‘Loaf to secure the B2B Tourney Championship. Also, I didn’t need the backlash that some of my followers might have unleashed upon me for a kinda unpopular opinion of Mr. Williams. Barstool at the Park is this week, so what better time to talk about my buddy?

I will admit, I had no idea who Dave was until the boys talked about him. In fact he retweeted a picture of me wearing an old Alexi jersey with Moncada written over top of it, that was my introduction. Also, I listen to Howard Stern far too much so my podcasts are usually limited to Thursdays and Fridays. But then we met Dave and my view of him and Barstool Chicago was really changed. Dave isn’t just some meathead to me, he’s a guy who honestly values your input. The fact that this guy is really gracious to the 108 speaks volumes. The 1st official meeting on Opening Day 2018 was legendary. Our post game at Ballpark Pub is a story that we always talk about. And they are both classic Dave. So here are my 5 reasons that I (and you should too) like White Sox Dave.

1. He isn’t afraid to put himself out there.

Back in the day, when Dave and Carl were grinding, they did some fun shit. At the center of that is WSD doing a modern day Battle of the Sexes. Have you ever seen the video? Oh you gotta watch this –

Dave throws a bad first pitch. Dave talks shit to Jennie Finch. Dave loses a foot race (which he is given quite the lead) to a professional softball player. And he even get’s struck out to end it all. This guy failed (and more than likely knew he was gonna fail) but he did it for the content. The story. Our entertainment. It’s refreshing in a Twitter world where guys gotta be the best and the rightest all de time.

2. He Is Inclusive.

Dave is so inclusive sometimes he includes the 108 into things before he even asks us! Jokes aside, he’ll roll up into a tailgate with a case of Lite, tin of dip and just hold court with the fans. He is very approachable and will even take a picture when asked. Dave doesn’t act above the fans cause he is legit a fan. He makes emotional statements, just like you! He has an irrational view of the players from time to time, just like you! That is his bread and butter.

Lotta awesome in this pic.

3. Is always respectful and very nice and positive to other guys in “our” field.

I have always been humbled when Dave let’s us know how amazed he is about how much respect and interest the 108 has garnered. He’s always said that what we have done with no major name backing us is pretty awesome. And being out there grinding for 3 years, it’s always nice to hear stuff like that. Along with Josh Nelson, he’s one of our biggest cheerleaders which is really nice. Two great guys on the opposite sides of the Sox Spectrum that have your back, you can’t ask for more. We are not unique in that regard, as when Brian Bilek was on the podcast the first time, he said the same about both Dave and Josh. We all have our own areas that we “cover”, so it’s nice to be friends and not being against one another. Especially for me, as I hate conflict.

“Where’s my t-shirt money Dave?” – Rick

Dave will offer up advice, stories, all that. Before he went to Spring Training he even reached out and bounced a few questions off me (and Aloha Mr. Hand) just fine tuning what he was gonna do out there. That was cool to experience. Also, Dave sat down with the GM of a MLB BASEBALL TEAM. WTF. (And he also just sat down with Lucas Giolito) I think that speaks to Dave and his character more than anything. The Sox really do value their fans and really want to reach them through any means necessary. I respect the Sox for that, they aren’t above the bloggers and podcasters. They adapted to the changes in how fans get their sports news and have embraced one of the biggest (and most controversial) names in game.

4. Introduced the 108’ers to the lovely Lauren Nisavic and the handsome Eddie Barstool.

Listen, above all else, Dave bringing over Lauren to our tailgate last summer with Sox On 35th, was a great move. It’s always nice when people in the biz like what you are doing, offer up advice on how to do it better and are just insanely smart. Lauren has all of those attributes, is a fan and has the stories to back it up. She also gave one of the best damn 108 Interviews to date! Plus as fathers (and an Uncle) of girls, it’s nice to see a woman breaking down walls for other women in media.

Eddie is pretty self explanatory. The guy is easily the #1 guy on Twitter that I am very intrigued with. Not only for his boyish charm, but for his knack of being able talk to anyone. He is great on Red Line. He is really awesome on Chicago Dog Walk. The man makes some really interesting content. Plus, he interned on The Stern Show! I mean duh, fucking awesome. I was lucky enough to meet Eddie during the Yankees series. Just what I expected. He walked over to our section to say hi and give us his Hawaiian shirt to give to fan who couldn’t make it. I mean goddamn! Plus he gives the best hugs.

Eddie is the man. So is Austin.

Two excellent people on the Twitters that Dave hooked us up with. ‘Merica, fuck yeah.

5. He’s short enough to make me feel like a regular Andre The Giant when we hang out.

Sometimes this can backfire (as I tend to look extremely chubby in the pics), but for the most part being the tall guy works out great for me. I look like the rugged seasoned man I wish I was when I stand next to the stocky Dave. Everything looks bigger (good and bad) and I do mean everything.

Not even photoshopped.

It has to be how Andre felt every day of his life (and as one of the greatest athletes of our time) it’s a great feeling. And not really being that big has it’s advantages. Such as not having to poo in a bathtub or drink 72 beers to get a buzz. And speaking of buzzes, I never fail to get one when Dave is around. The man is crazy generous as are his fans when it comes to libations. His interactions at bars have even taught me a few things about giving the fans a good story.

So there ya have it, my top 5 reasons that I like White Sox Dave. Feel free to send me your thoughts! I’m on the Twitters feel free to @ me.


Postscript – We are raising money for the Boys and Girls Club over in Bridgeport. I vowed never to wear a mustache again after the last time, but I decided to make it interesting if we could raise some money for our local club. So head over to and donate anything you have that is extra. I am Googling all sorts of looks to wear this weekend to the park. Right now the “Goose Gossage” is in the lead.

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