Random Sh*t I have sold on eBay in the last week.

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As most of you know, I am a stay at home dad. I supplement my income and pay for my White Sox tickets / beer through my side businesses. I do graphic design / printing and I also sell stuff on eBay. I thought last Friday, with everyone being locked up inside, business would be good. And it kinda was, but the real interesting part is what sold. People were out hording supplies and such, but on the eBay these were the things people couldn’t live without.

1980’s San Diego Chargers Tumbler

Yup. A vintage San Diego Chargers tumbler. Given away by the fine people at Mobile Gas Stations. This wasn’t recently listed, it’s been on the ‘bay since football season, but it took a pandemic to get it sold. Don’t wanna go into quarantine without this. Trust me.

NEW Benny The Bull Stuffed Animal

Now this one was great. It’s been on eBay for almost a year. But again, someone couldn’t live without this and didn’t wanna risk possibly dying without owning this…

2002 Mickey Mouse ASG Bobblehead

As you all know, I am a huge bobblehead guy. Always buy them when I am out in the stores looking for underpriced merch that I can make a buck on. Well, I normally pass on Milwaukee Brewers bobbleheads but I digress. Found this guy chilling, new in package. Been up since last summer, sold on Saturday .

1998 Chicago Bulls Starter Shirt

Now, this is a world wide problem and this next item went overseas. This isn’t something that is all that unique, NBA stuff sells worldwide. I recently sent 2 championship hats to a guy in Germany. But again, the timing was just excellent on this sale.

2011 Dropkick Murphys Fenway Show T-Shirt

It’s pretty amazing what you can found out there, especially when you aren’t really expecting it. I picked this up a few months ago and could tell that someone saved it. It was pleated and in excellent condition. Guessing they couldn’t get back to large and decided to donate. A great gem from 2011, just sold!

So there ya have it, random stuff that I have sold in the last week on eBay. If you are looking for White Sox promo items since 2013, good chance I have it. Especially bobbleheads, I have hundreds of extras. Many items aren’t even listed, but feel free to contact me on Twitter (@mysoxsummer) and I will give ya the friend of the 108 discount. Plus we save that money in fees! Extra money = means extra beer. So hit me up! You can even check out my eBay store here.

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