The 5 – Things I am looking most forward to AFTER THE TRADE DEADLINE

Ladies and Gents, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf and as I sit here sipping an aged california wine, I thought I would roll out the 5 TINGS I am looking most forward to after the trade deadline.  I bring you, the 5.
FIF – Carlos Rodon getting his shit together – I am a big fan of Carlos Rodon, back from when he was drafted with the #3 overall pick in the 2014 draft, I have had a chubby for his skills and potential.  But to date, he hasn’t become the big swinging dick that this team needs atop it’s rotation.  This year, he’s scarcely been out there, oh yea, he had an “injury” which when reading between the lines looked a lot more like a guy who doesn’t take appropriate care of his body.  Just like Crash Davis once said “You have a million dollar arm and a 10 cent brain.”  I don’t think that’s Carlos Rodon, but he’s yet to prove anyone wrong who might think otherwise.  I look forward to him taking names and kicking ass in the 2nd half, even if the defense looks as horrible as it did in his July 3rd start at Oakland.
FORF – Non-linear improvement of the current roster – Alright, don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting Leury Garcia to turn into a 6’7″ giant or Omar Narvaez to suddenly be able to hit a ball to the warning track, I don’t have Santa Claus’ magic dust.  What I am hoping for is we’ll see at least one player on this roster turn a development corner that we weren’t expecting.  Maybe Tim Anderson starts being more selective at the plate and improves  his walk rate drastically or Kevan Smith really ramps up his pitch framing skills.  I want serendipity…..I don’t know what’s going to happen and I. CAN’T. WAIT.
TIRD – Yoan Moncada – Do I need to say anymore?  He’s our man at the keystone, hopefully for the next 6 years.  I hope he smokes an early homer right near the 108 so Slumpbuster can break his face diving to catch it.
TOO – Ricky Renteria – I expect to see improvements from our manager.  He has passed the first test, of having his guys always ready to play, now I want to see a little more of the type of tactical baseball that WILL be part of the White Sox future pennant drives.  We’ll all be watching, so let’s hope he passes this exam as well and can be here when this is the best team in the AL Central.
UNCE – Baseball and Bullshit, Baseball and Bullshit – Just like the back of our signature t-shirt says……I am looking so forward to the warm weather, beer and conversations with the 108ers and any of you fine folks that drop by the 108.  That’s what baseball season is for, enjoying some conversation and occasionally watching a White Sox Winner!
– BeefLoaf

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