Will Elvis Andrus be a White Sox in 2024?

Over the years of sitting in Section 108, being a part of this blog/podcast, and swimming in the cesspool that is White Sox Twitter, I’ve become close friends with Josh Nelson of Sox Machine. And he’d be the first to tell you that sometimes I can take an idea or bottle of whiskey maybe just one step too far. That is exactly what I intend to do here. SoxMachine had a very well thought out blog from Jim on why some veterans continue to play and they also discussed it in a measured way on their podcast. Now I’m gonna take the idea of Elvis Andrus playing more than some would like and add on the question: Will Elvis Andrus be a White Sox in 2024?

I understand that the smart money is currently on him getting released at some point this year and Lenyn Sosa to be anointed the second baseman for the remainder of the season. But what if Lenyn doesn’t perform? What if the White Sox choose to let Tim Anderson go at the end of the season or trade him in the off-season? Who in the heck is gonna play not only 2B, but SS?

We have to assume (hope) that the Sox don’t rush Colson Montgomery after only 40-50 games above A ball under his belt. So will Lenyn be penciled in as a starter for 2024? Will Jose Rodriguez make the jump from Birmingham to Bridgeport? Will Romy’s torn labrum be healed enough to start the season on the MLB club? Is Zach Remillard and his rapidly shrinking OPS assured a spot on the roster?

And if you can’t field those positions internally, what exactly are you grabbing in free agency? Take a look at the list below, it’s like the lights going on at the 4am bar. You start examining that list and everyone is a little older and a little worse than you thought when the lights were off.

Maybe I’m insane and it won’t play out like this, but I don’t think we can take it as a certainty that Elvis doesn’t figure into the 2024 roster. Sorry if I ruined your day, but it was on my mind and I felt compelled to share.


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