About Last Night: Vaughn, Pedro and Violet Myers (Still Alive).

Hello? Is this thing on? Yeah, it’s me, MSS and I am writing a blog. When the Chicago White Sox are behind closed doors thinking up ways to get more fans to the park, I hope they remember that while the promotions are great, WINNING truly cures all. The hope that comes along with that W is HUGE too, it’s something even multiple $5 beer nights can’t secure. When you WIN, everything is forgotten.

Look, even hours before the game, many fans had already talked themselves out of getting a W in this series. Just play good. Just show some improvement. They’re the CHAMPS for a REASON. And of course…WHY THE FUCK IS ROMY PLAYING RF?!?!?!? But it was all for naught as we saw an incredible performance from Dylan Cease and we got some TIMELY hitting from some key players. Basically our team, THEE Chicago White Sox, told us to shove it up our collective asses with these dumb excuses. They SHOWED us, just in 1 fucking game, why we are still texting them at 2 AM looking to get back together. They got it and we still want it.

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I said it last night in the Playback and the Podcast, Dylan Cease walked out there and showed why HE is the ace of this staff now. It’s his team. It’s his time. Even with multiple questions surrounding his spring, he came in and, as White Sox Dave would say, shoved. He hit his spots and TRUSTED his catcher to stop his low pitches. Yaz also LOOKED INCREDIBLE. With a HR and that defensive performance, the hard work seemed to pay off last night.

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I know it’s only one game, so I won’t rip up Eloy or Luis, but just know I saw you boys. Do better. And I was all ready to tear up Andrew Vaughn too, especially with a dropped foul ball, bit then he did something that WORKED.

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It’s beautiful. It’s what we wanna see. It made us feel a little bit better about the MVP’s replacement that was wearing different laundry for the first time ever.

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And we can’t forget about the new guy, our guy, Pedro. While he had some of the fans basically giving him all the excuses, accepting the L, he told us…

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…and went out there with his team and won the fucking game! They created their own luck (like Mr. Hand likes to say) by playing hard and taking chances. I saw you Yoan stretching for that triple, and I LOVED IT. It wasn’t perfect, but who gives a fuck when you win against a team that is supposed to wipe the floor with you. It was refreshing to see from a team that gave us little signs of life all last year.

And why Violet Myers? Well she would have been hella jealous of Pedro last night…

White it was just shaving cream, our guy Pedro got cream pie’d and covered in beer. Plus Rick Hahn gave him a cigar according to our buddy Kevin! You always need a good stick after you get cream pie’d, anyone will tell you that. Violet would have loved it. PLUS…look at how happy (and SLIM) our Lucas is looking…

Look, I know it’s just one game and we got 161 more to go, but our fans are THIRSTY for some success. We tasted it last night and started down the path to MAYBE a culture change for our favorite team. I’d push it off a little more if the ‘Stros weren’t as good as they are. I’d give them less credit if Framber Valdez wasn’t also dealing. They rode it out, leaving 11 guys on base, and got the hits AGAIN when they mattered. It’s ok to be optimistic, like Young MC has told us for years. I am and can’t wait to see The Big Bastard shove tonight. Go Sox. 4 Life.

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