SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! White Sox 5K / Wing & Rings After-After Party

This SUNDAY the White Sox are hosting their 2nd Annual “Run Your Sox Off 5k”! You can still register HERE. You get all sorts of swag for signing up! Check it out!

Just a reminder, you can register here –>

Members of several WST podcasts are gonna be walking the 1k including Josh Nelson of Sox Machine, Chorizy-E & MSS of FromThe108 and the intercontinental WST champion Ken.W.O. from Bad Guy Radio. Not so old and lazy guy Brew Hand Luke will be running the 5k for FromThe108 and #WhiteSoxRunClub. It starts at 9am in Lot B and spectators are welcome! Last year our spectators went into the stadium after we started and waited for us to finish.

Now you might be saying “I don’t really wanna be outside on Sunday, it’s the Lord’s day and I need to be inside eating chicken wings and drinking beer.” WELL WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THIS! After we finish the post race party in the concourse, everybody and anybody will be walking to Wings & Rings to do just that! Drink specials and food specials for all! And as a bonus, our White Sox will be on the BIG SCREEN playing the Texas Rangers at 1:35 pm.

So there you go! You HAVE PLANS for Sunday. Come join us to walk / run, or just watch or just meet us later for beers, wings and WHITE SOX BASEBALL! It promises to be a great time. See ya there!

-The 108

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