College Football Week 11 Bets

Last week the blog produced a 1-4 record.  Brutal!  #FadeKingNom once again chalked up another loss, what else is new?  Well here’s what’s new, Nom is changing things up this week and keeping to his word and allowing his daughter Hailey, aka Princess Nom, to make this week’s pick.  Surely, this approach will produce a winner.  

This week’s guest picker is good friend of the 108, Gas Money Bob!  GMB recently wrote a blog for the 108 all about Justin Fields, it’s an outstanding write up and everyone should check it out.  Keep an eye out for some more Gas Money Bob blogs on Da Bears throughout the season.  

Brew Hand Bet One: Missouri at Tennessee (Missouri +19.5)

Tennessee is very, very, good.  However, this number is way too big for several reasons. This could easily be a let down game for the Vols.  Georgia showed off their defensive prowess and a formula on how to slow down Tennessee’s electric offense last week.  This is good news for the Tigers who are 13th in the country in total defense.  Let’s also take a deeper dive into some of Missouri’s previous matchups in SEC play.

Kentucky 21 Missouri 17

Auburn 17 Missouri 14

Florida 24 Missouri 17

Georgia 26 Missouri 22

Missouri is much better than their 4-5 record shows, take Mizzou and the points at the best number that you can find.  

Brew Hand Bet Two: UNC at Wake Forest (Sam Hartman to thrown an INT +110)  

I will describe how this game will go in three words: hilarious, stupid, fucking awesome.  Okay, so that’s four words but you get the point.  This is the game this week that I am the most excited about.  Two of the best quarterbacks in the country getting involved in a game where defense is optional.  Seriously, these two teams hate playing defense more than KenWo hates Paul Konerko.  Sam Hartman, while very impressive, has appeared to develop a mild case of the Chuck Knoblauch yips and has thrown 7 picks in his last 3 games. You can’t go wrong betting any overs in this game.  Seriously, check the numbers, bet the over on all of them if you want, they’re all good bets.  However, the over bet I like the best is Sam Hartman over .5 interceptions.  

Princess Nom’s #108ing Bet: Nebraska at Michigan (Michigan -30.5)

My dad has had a pretty rough go picking college football this year.  He claims to have been doing “pretty decent” with his MLB playoff picks and his NFL picks, but I’m not so sure.  I haven’t seen a penny more on my allowance at all!  If he keeps this up any longer, I think I may have to side with my mom for the #108Tourney.  The pick this week is Michigan -30.5.  They haven’t lost yet and I like their uniform colors.  Go Blue! 

Guest Picker – Gas Money Bob: Kansas State at Baylor (Baylor -2.5, Over 51.5)

What’s up everyone, it’s GasMoneyBob.  I don’t usually bet on College football but this week I want to give you my pick of the week.  When it comes to football I cheer for Bears (except for U of Cal for obvious reasons).  So my pick for this week is a team that started a little slow in early October but since have rattled off wins versus Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks, Patrick Mahomes’ Texas Tech Red Raiders, Baker Mayfield’s Oklahoma Sooners and now will take it to Bruce Weber’s former Kansas State Wildcats.  Take the Baylor Bears -2.5 and over 51.5.  BobUp BearDown!

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