“Justin Fields Sucks” Guest Post by GasMoneyBob

I’m sick and fucking tired of all of this bullshit. Is Justin Fields good? Is Justin Fields bad? The answer is WE DONT FUCKING KNOW.

Listen am I happy with his play? Absolutely not but I have seen enough flashes the few times he’s had time in the pocket to make me believe there is a chance. The guy is running for his life before the ball even touches his hands (Fuck you Lucas Packtrick). Packtrick had a 7.5 out of 100 PFF grade is pass protection on Thursday. Abysmal.

Bears fans and every “expert” are being WAY too impatient with this QB, the coach and the GM.

They’ve been on the job for less than a year. They inherited a monumental shit show from Ryan Pace.

“Why didn’t Poles fix the O-Line?” “Why didn’t Poles fix the WRs?” BECAUSE HE HAD NO FIRST ROUND PICK AND NO FUCKING MONEY TO SPEND!

For Christ sake can everyone settle the fuck down and let this new regime figure it out. Next year we will have a high 1st round pick. Which means we’ll have a high pick in every round.

Poles will likely trade some veterans before the deadline and get more mid round picks maybe even as high as a 3-4 rounder for guys like Montgomery and Quinn. Maybe even Eddie Jackson who has been better this year.

“Why didn’t we trade for Robbie Anderson or DJ Moore?” Because the GM said in his introductory press conference that he is going to build this team through the draft. Why the fuck would he start trading picks now in a rebuilding year just months after declaring he’s building through the draft? I’m actually happy that he has resisted the urge to waste draft capital. You know who did that every chance he got?

I want this team to win more than anything in the world. But you can’t expect a new coach and new GM to waltz into the shit show that was left by Pace and Nagy and miraculously turn it around in one year with absolutely no picks and no money.

I’m not saying these guys know what they’re doing. That is still very much a question but it seems like every dumb ass meatball (love meatballs) is already giving up after only 10 fucking months.

Let’s see what happens this off season. If Poles fucks up with the high picks and the ass load of cap space THEN we can roast the shit out of him.

If Poles gets Fields weapons and an offensive line worth a shit and he still sucks, THEN we can roast the shit out of him.

Just please for the love of God and Ditka (trick question. Ditka is God) settle down and let this play out for more than 10 months before we call this a failure.

With all this being said 13-4 still gets you into the playoffs. Bear Down!



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