#108WeightLoss UPDATE – Barstool Chief is on the struggle bus…

The #108WeightLoss competition is in full swing right now, having the girthsome contestants hoisting themselves up on the scale for the initial weigh-in on October 6th. The TEAM, as we like to call them, have now weighed in 2 times, where they are trying to cut mass with the most recent occasion being Thursday, October 20th. Everyone seems to be heading in the right direction, except for our most famous contestant…..Barstool Chief.

Barstool Chief featured with one of his adoring fans

When czar of the #108WeightLoss MySoxSummer admitted Barstool Chief to the contest, he alerted the blogger / podcaster that missing a weigh-in was a 3lb penalty on the competition and sure enough our October 13th weigh-in was a little too much logistically for this contestant and he received the 3lb penalty. Coming into the October 20th weigh-in I was thinking we’d see some great progress from Chief, I mean the guy is doing push-ups on twitter when his teams disappoint him and this poor fucks favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, sounds like he should be shaped like Tony Atlas when he’s done.

But alas, it comes weigh-in time and while I am ready for him to crest under his initial weigh in of 239 (which got penalized down to 236), the following happened….

Free Feet

A 4.6lb INCREASE!!! Now, in weight loss competitions this shit can happen, a little water weight, you drank too much the night before and had a binge eating session at the local taco joint….we’ve all been there, but on YOUR FIRST WEIGH-IN?? That’s unprecedented!! Below is the current leaderboard, it’s not pretty.

This did get me thinking though, what if Barstool Chief mocked the competition and decided for maximum weight GAINS? Everyone’s tryna get fit, why not try and get fat??!?!?! I extrapolated his 4.6lb weight gain and projected him to do the same through our FINAL WEIGH-IN on March 9, 2023, which is the day of the #108Tourney Reveal Show for 2023. Chief would blossom into a robust 335.6 lbs of gorgeousness. Can you imagine Chief above 3 bills? A fucking cuddly mass of humanity he would be.

I have a few tips to try and help Barstool Chief drop some lbs this week and get back into respectability in this competition and you can try them at home.

Glue your driver side window shut, so you can’t hit the drive thru

Wear Mittens at all times

Get Your Jaw Wired Shut

Nude Elliot Gould pics as the background for all of your devices

Count to 10 Before Choosing to Eat Again

I look forward to the next weigh-in for our hero on Thursday, October 27th, I hope he comes correct and maybe takes a little inspiration from a real spiritual leader.


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