Did BeefLoaf’s #SoxMath Video SAVE THE SEASON?

This week has been hyped as the biggest one of the White Sox season, with our heroes trailing both the Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins in the AL Central. One week, 8 games, 4 against each team, on the road, heading right into the all-star break. A make or break stretch by many people’s estimations. We as fans have a got-damned obligation to pitch in any way we can. At least that’s what I think.

Monday night started off pretty terribly. Lance Lynn gave up a nickel in the first inning and despite the boys battling back a bit with the bats including a very fucking encouraging 3 run DONGER by Yoan Moncada (that I called by the way, fuck you MSS), it was not to be.

Despite my already enormous contribution to this game, willing Yoan’s 3 run DONGER, I felt that I needed to keep flexing, so in the 4th inning, this happened…..

That’s right, I won #SoxMath, it was my first victory of the season and fourth of my career. I felt a bit embolded by Aloha Mr. Hand who was bragging to people on Sunday at the home stand finale against the Tigers that he had 4 career #SoxMath victories to my measly 3.

There’s a certain amount of pressure on my #SoxMath videos, not just the whole 108 thing in that we are expected to be entertaining, but I think Jason Benetti is a fan of what the BeefLoaf can make happen in 15 second bits on their broadcast. I had to come correct.

The Video

In the top of the 4th inning, with our White Sox getting carved up by Shane Bieber and the Guardians 3-0 (that score is important to remember), my video aired. Appreciate all of yous that re-circulated the video and dropped in on twitter, especially Joy aka WST Mom, who’s tweet I am using below to give it to you blog readers who might not have seent it.

That was 4 takes kids. Get your shit right.

Anywho, the White Sox didn’t get the dub in game 1 of the doubleheader for which this aired, they lost 4-1. However, in game 2 our boys came to play dropping 3 dongers on the Guardians and Dylan Cease combined with a flawless bullpen shut out Cleveland 7-0. Was my video having an effect on this team? We have to go to the data to be sure.

Fast forward to last night and the White Sox win another, hard fought victory against the Guardians to even up the series at two.

That’s a +8 run differential frents. I think we all know the main cause…..


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