BeefLoaf with some suggestions for Jason Benetti on #SoxMath

The #SoxMath idea / brand / franchise is a powerful one in White Sox Twitter. Jason Benetti has created quite the behemoth of an in-game contest. It is another in a long line of things that Jason has done beautifully to engage the White Sox viewing audience prior to having a more watchable team. As someone who has also created a substantially popular hashtag (#108ing, maybe you’ve heard of it),

#108ing at the Barstool at the Park tailgate

I think I have a little bit of feedback to offer Jason to help him scale up the #SoxMath brand. I know the man has 74 jobs, so he likely doesn’t have the time to think about these minor improvements to his already terrific brand…..dats what I’m here for….

Tweet the #SoxMath Question at the same time you put it on the TV Screen

The biggest complaint I hear from people is, well I have a streaming services so even if I get the question right as quickly as possible, I have zero chance of winning. That’s one reason, but another real obvious reason for this is that often times the action on the field interrupts the question or the graphic gets taken down too soon for people to fully absorb the question. It’s a bit cumbersome at times for that to be the only outlet. You put it on twitter, EVERYONE gets it at the same time AND, you can create a nice clean neat thread each time with the answers to avoid the silliness of the results pulling up an answer from 3 weeks ago as the first answer (which has happened in the lifetime of #SoxMath. It could even be a sponsored graphic. Lastly, you can use the twitter account to create engagement for the competition, do special TWITTER ONLY versions and help advertise things you want to promote, charity or otherwise.

Use more pop culture references as part of the question, so every answer isn’t just won by the people that know the quickest hacks to search Baseball Reference.

That’s Jordan Lazowski, former #SoxMath end of year finalist and someone who had an early season 2020 non-winning drought in #SoxMath that I definitely did not make fun of him on twitter about.

I look at it this way. If you want to spread out the winners a bit, throw out a part of the question about 70’s classic rock, 80’s sitcom’s or 90’s stand up comedy, whatever? Could be anything that won’t allow for a quick Baseball Reference search for the victory. The reason we all get together nightly is because of White Sox baseball, but many of us have other interests in common and we could really dig into those interests as a group through the competition. I think about it this way, I’d love for Mailman Jack to win it sometime so he can throw out a folk music reference from 1972 and a southside polish deli shoutout he really loves on his victory video. How fucking fun would that be??

The look on Jason’s face when he reads these suggestions.

#SoxMath Merch

Jason Benettii photographed on Feb. 8th and 15th 2018 by Charles Cherney for the Wake Forest Alumni Magazine. ©Charles Cherney Photography

Goes without saying that the #SoxMath brand is big enough that it could use some Merch and I’m not talking about whoever is making rando stuff out there that is probably doing it without consent from Jason or anyone involved with the team. Nope, I ain’t no fucking snitch. Now I only see one problem with making merch is that Brooks Boyer might try and get his hand in on the $$$ involved in it. Jason, just say it’s for charity and he probably won’t bat an eye. Sound good?

These are just a few suggestions for improving the #SoxMath brand and they are 100% free. I don’t normally like giving away my good / free ideas, but since Jason has done #SoxMath for the good of the community I can find it in my heart to support. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL.


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