Favorite Album: @kyyle23

When someone reaches out about wanting to write up Failure, well hell yes I’m gonna want to hear about it. Not to mention, I was able to find a video of his walk up song from Chicago’s very own JBTV.

Name/Twitter Handle

Kyle McMahon – @kyyle23

Favorite Album

Failure – Fantastic Planet (1996)

First time you heard it

Waaaaaaay back when I was a young lad at SIU, my bestest and oldest friend who attended ISU would send each other mix tapes (through the mail it was so weird) of whatever we were listening to at the time as a way of staying close. The first song was “Pitiful” by Failure, and I discovered what shoe gaze alternative was, and it forever altered the way I listened to music.

How often do you listen to it?

In its entirety at least once a month. I listen to random songs all the time, once summer rolls around it’s in constant play.

Why is this your favorite album?

It changed the way I listened to music from that point forward, it was like a new path of music for me that wasn’t quite the PJ/STP/AiC grunge that got me through high school, but it definitely is a part of that scene. Also, the album tells a story about drug use and disappointments in LA while using an extremely strange French cartoon as a metaphor.

Which track would be your walk up music?

Another Space Song. Just listen to it, it’s fucking awesome

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