12 Days of #108Mas: Kurstin x Grohl: The Hanukkah Sessions

When guys in bands sit around and have some drinks, a topic that sometimes comes up is ‘all the cool shit they’d do if this was what they did for a living’. It’s always an interesting mix of ideas that get tossed around. And there is one guy that seemingly had these conversations and followed through on more of them than I can count. Dave Grohl is someone I can’t keep track of all the projects and what not that he’s got going on. One thing that I totally missed last year and was introduced to this year is Kurstin x Grohl: The Hanukkah Sessions. If you’re unfamiliar, let them quickly explain:

It’s a lot of fun and this year’s first offering, which is Lisa Loeb’s Stay, might be my favorite of the bunch. But overall, this is just incredible to watch as these two guys cover so many genres and artists. For 2021, Grohl brings his daughter in to do an Amy Winehouse track, they make these a bit more of full on music videos, and they keep the genres wide open. If you haven’t seen these, I implore you to watch them:


Let me know which is your favorite!


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