Internet Archeology: Sexy Sax Man

The origins of Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores are unknown. Some believe it is in homage to Missael of Panteon Rococo. Others believe it is completely original. Whatever it is, there is a long history of Sexy Sax Men, and Sergio Flores put them on the viral pedestal they all belonged. Let’s take a trip through some of the past Sexy Sax Men and end with Srgio Flores doing what he does, playing Careless Whisper anywhere he wants.

Lost Boys

Tim Cappello definitely has the best sweat going out of the bunch. If you haven’t seen The Lost Boys, you definitely will after this riveting clip.

Dr. Feelgood bought me this shirt for Christmas


Jon Hamm and Andy Samberg team up to bring you all the shirtless Hamm playing a sax you’ve ever wanted.

Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores

And finally, Sergio Flores:


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