What to know about getting yourself to ALDS Game 3

Normally, this type of thing is pretty straightforward and we’re simply talking about what time the lots open and what time gates open. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be that easy. But let’s start with the easy part:

Game Specifics

Game Time: October 10th 7:07PM Central

Lots open: 3 hours before game time so about 4PM

Gates open: 2 hours before game time so about 5PM

Bringing bags: No bags except medical bags, clutches smaller than 9″ x 5″, and diaper bags. And before you try to bring in a 30 rack of Busch Light in that diaper bag, an infant must be with you to bring a diaper bag in and they will check the bag out.

Buying stuff: Everything is cashless, so bring your credit/debit card. Lines will probably be insane.

Masks: Required when you’re in an indoor setting. I assume stadium club and suites will enforce this, but we haven’t been to either this year. Recommended for the bathrooms as they double as a guard from the wondrous aromas.

Getting to the game

Here’s where you really need to start paying attention.

The Chicago Marathon is the same day. So there are definitely going to be street closures and there are definitely some right by the park. The full map is linked here. The part you probably care about the most is below:

From the Chicago Marathon site:

So please keep this in mind as the streets will likely be reopening around the same time the parking lots will be opening. And there will probably be a good amount of traffic due to all of this.


All right, you’ve made it to the lots. But did you purchase parking in advance? If you did not, that’s gonna be a problem. Post-Season Parking in the main lots are pre-paid only:

If you’re just reading this as you roll up to the park, but have not purchased parking. The only day of game options are the overflow lots located at IIT (33rd & State) and McCormick Place (Lot B – 31st & Moe Drive). The pic below is from the Overflow Lot section of the Sox site, but doesn’t show the overflow lots. We have been assured they exist, though.


After posting this blog, we received this tweet from SoxSiderIL. Check it out and give them a follow.

Leaving the Game

You made it to the game. You parked. You got into the game. You watched a White Sox winner. Now you just need to get home. Well, that may also be a bit of a problem for some. Barry BagoDonuts alerted #WhiteSoxTwitter to this the other day, but in case you did not see it:

At 9PM Sunday night until Monday at 2PM, 31st Street will be blocked off from Union to Wallace.

We hope this is helpful and can possibly keep you away from situations that will add extra stress to a must-win Game 3 of the ALDS.

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