Where to get food, and by food, we mean beer

If you’re anything like the FromThe108 crew, your significant other stocked up for what seemed to be 2 years, while you sat motionless on the couch watching reruns of Seinfeld and Sanford & Son. While this planning was forward thinking and has gotten you through the beginning of this, you already ate and drank your way through nearly everything.

But fear not, you can reach out to any of these friends of the podcast for food:

Goose Island
Buffalo Wings and Rings

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “With no baseball, the other two Bs are needed now more than ever.” We’ll cover you on the bull shit as we have that for days/weeks/months/years if needed. And all of these fine purveyors of alcohol will supply you with beer. So check out the list and share it with your friends:

ICBG || Online + Pick-Up & Delivery Ordering – Illinois Breweries


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