Are Chicago Sports Fans Stupid? / Case Study #1 / Coaches

Ever since David Ross entered the conversation to be the next Cubs manager my brain has been working overtime to figure out why this is a great move to most Cubs fans. And honestly, I am not seeing it. Now, it’s just my view and really I don’t know a bunch about baseball outside of our White Sox, but let’s break it down. LESSSSSSSS GO.

Fancy sparkles….

If I was a Cubs fan, I’d look at this move as total trash and here’s why. The Cubs seemingly have a pretty decent team going into 2020. They seem to always contend and are in the race to win the division. You are coming off the tenure of Joe Maddon who is a legendary manager much like all the other managers / coaches that have brought hardware to the city of Chicago. Think Ditka, Jackson, Guillen and Q. Joe fits in that category. When replacing those legends the team replaced them with what you could call “Yes” men and David Ross fits right into that category. Think I am kidding?

“You like Lemon Chills Tim? I do. Free at the UC baby!”

Tim Floyd replaced Phil Jackson. Jerry Krause (#RIPIP) hated the accolades that Phil garnered after wining 6 titles in 8 years. Tim was brought in to show why Krause was the genius, but Timmy had no talent left to work with. Straight bust. Side Story – I once attended a California State Basketball Playoff game and was in line with Tim Floyd. He was there to recruit two kids from Artesia that were jumping out the gym. Insane talent. He paid for his own ticket and gave the kids some money too I am guessing. His USC coaching career was marred in scandal. Fucking USC, dirty AF.

Dave Wannstedt replaced Mike Ditka. Wanny looked like a younger Ditka so no one really noticed. Had little success in the Windy city.

“I’m gonna learn you son!”

Robin Ventura replaced Ozzie Guillen in 2012. Aside from 2012 we all know how that worked out. But Robin had 0 experience and even though they say they tried to field decent teams, who we kidding? He came in to do Kenny’s bidding and that is what he did.

I’d talk about hockey, but I know nothing. Q was beloved and fun to drink with from my experience.

Now we have David Ross coming into a high pressure situation replacing a legend that had a tricked out conversion van. The new manager of the Chicago Cubs dynasty is a mere 4 seasons removed from dick bumps with basically this team. I shudder to think what Cubs fans would say about this hire on the south side. Like if AJ became our manager 4 seasons after we won a World Series, woah. Let’s take a look at that.

I think Joe was asked to leave cause he and Theo weren’t seeing eye to eye. And according to Barstool Carl, Theo has to be the alpha, no if ands or buts. Right Chief? So what better way to become the alpha then by hiring a guy with 0 experience managing? Are you fucking kidding me? I have my doubts about Omar Vizquel becoming an effective manager on the south side and the guys that are supposed to have their shit together are hiring a guy who was on Dancing With The Stars! That’s right, Dancing With The Stars! Which he lost. That’s where it get’s weird.

Welcome to the big time!

You have guys who are supposed to be really into baseball not panning this move by the Cubs. I don’t see the “best fans in baseball” going across the aisle and saying this would be a fantastic hire for any other team. It means one of two things to me. First, maybe they know that this manager position is just a placeholder till the team get’s though this rough patch that they will face in the next few years. The Cubs are gonna have to make some hard decisions soon and things might go badly. Why have a Girardi there to weather the storm? A Girardi type doesn’t want that job, they want a job where the future is more certain. As Jack “Blackjack” McDowell has said all over FB, the manager position if basically a front, the guy to take shit. Grandpa Rossy is gonna go out there to take some lumps to get that retirement money, just like Ventura. The moves are strikingly similar. Hire a very well liked former player to go out there and hope the fans take it easy on them. Dick Bumps = Nolan Ryan Kicking Your Ass.

Second, Maybe Chicago fans (in general) are just fucking stupid. Liking the move to hire a guy with ZERO FUCKING EXPERIENCE screams to me that these fans might be distracted with shiny objects. Listen, we have the guys on the south side that will say how much Ricky Rents sucks and then toss out really awesome ideas like bringing back Ozzie Guillen! Cause that would be a great move. Or bringing up Omar, which in most of the crazy ideas makes the most sense since he has some experience leading a team. The Ross hire would be like the Sox bringing AJ back to be a manager after the WS victory. No experience. Fan favorite. Great baseball mind. But isn’t what you need to use the talent you do have and grow the prospects.

That is just my view, but if you are down on Ricky you can’t look at a ZERO EXPERIENCE hire as good thing. Ricky is doing loads with jack shit. He deserves to be around for the years we should seemingly be good. I’d liken it to getting a job in a department that is just a mess. You put in the time, put in the systems to make it run smoothly. And then you are fired when it does run smoothly to bring in a new boss with more experience. Would that be cool? No fucking way. You built that shit, you should get the spoils.

I hear ya, yes Ricky makes some very interesting in game decisions. But do you think Grandpa Rossy will be brilliant right out the gate? Do you think the growing pains of any manager the Sox could muster up would be any better? I’d argue that it could be even worse. So your feelings on Ricky aside, he is now the best baseball manager in the city of Chicago. #RideWithUs

So in conclusion, IMO, Grandpa Rossy is being brought in to be the fall guy for this new era of Cubs baseball. I know some of you Cubs fans were expecting a run of championships unmatched by any team in history, but now you got the first loser from DWTS. The window is starting to close and we hope like heck that ours is opening on the south side. And I just love this fake team speech story. Cause that’s fucking gold. If you wanna make fun of some Cubs fans, maybe the ones telling you in 2016 how great this team was gonna be, tossing around the word “dynasty” like it’s just gonna happen, you got some ammo now.


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