The One Hitter – How Could Dan Hayes Grin?

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.  I’m not the type of guy to get upset by the behavior of others (unless it is that stupid fucking Wave or the Woo….that shit is awful), but I can’t help but notice when someone is hanging out amongst us and acting like they are better than we are…..enter our former friend, a former suffering part of White Sox twitter, Dan Hayes.


Yous guys remember Dan Hayes, he used to be one of us, until the time came where he had to move along, it happens to the best of us, heck when he was a free agent, the 108ers even offered him a gig.  But alas, he ended up landing with the Athletic working on the Minnesota Twins beat and ladi fucking dah the Twins end up dominating baseball over the first two months and posting the best record in baseball and this guy is out there having the time of his life.  Acting like he don’t know who any of us are, acting like he’s better than us.  Just wait Dan Hayes, the White Sox fan bases time of reckoning will come and we’ll remember how you kicked us when we were down.


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