The 5 – Star Wars Bobbleheads

My homie MySoxSummer recently wrote about the 2019 White Sox giveaways, the one that stood out to me was the Star Wars bobblehead. It’s so damn generic. Last year, they did Hawk Solo which was kind of silly, but isn’t that what it’s supposed to be? The New Jersey Devils are doing a David Puddy bobblehead and I imagine it will be a hot item on eBay. So I decided to take a crack at some possible bobbleheads for Star Wars. Thanks to MySoxSummer for the assist on the pics.


I have to kick it off with the new Hall of Fame inductee, Harold Baines. Absolutely love Harold, but he ain’t getting into the hall for his mobility. I mean, it’s not a statue of him on the concourse making a diving catch. So I say Harold Baines has C3PO written all over him.


For Chewbacca, I needed to think of a player who could not only rip someone’s arms off, but also someone who might actually do it. And if you have ever received a handshake from Ron Kittle, you’d know I’m right. I thought about Daniel Palka for this, but we already have an idea for him as the Hulk, so I didn’t want to cross universes.

Obi-Juan Uribe

Obi-Wan Kenobi was a legendary Jedi. And with the Jedi being so known for their use of light sabers, I had to think of a White Sox that was similarly well known for using their saber. There’s a reason Juan Uribe doesn’t wear a cup and that’s reason enough to pick him here.

Ozzie Calrissian

Now I know Beefloaf wants Tim Anderson to start sporting a sweet Billy Dee Williams mustache, but that has not yet happened. And until it does, Ozzie Guillen is my pick to be the coolest in the galaxy.

Yoda Moncada

I almost didn’t have a current player on here, but once I thought of Yoan Moncada as a little green guy, I couldn’t stop laughing. I imagined this something like Stewie Griffin on steroids but green.

Honorable mentions: Scotty Pods Racer, Admiral Konerkbar, FT2014HOF, Anakin LaRoche, Bobby Fett, and Luis Skywalker.


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