The 5 – What if the White Sox do nothing?

I think most of the White Sox fandom believes the White Sox will do some spending this offseason.  However, let’s imagine a scenario where they do nothing in free agency.  More than that, what if they do nothing to add new players to the MLB roster?  What would you want to see happen?  Let me lay out what I’d like to see on what could be the lowest payroll since the Black Sox.

Trade for some prospects

If they don’t add to the team, it’s gonna be bad.  It’s gonna be a team that does not require Jose Abreu‘s services.  So let’s move him to a team that will send back prospects and take on his contract.  I think the Astros could be a fit, assuming they don’t bring back Marwin and want to use Gurriel in that role.  It’s possible they see Tyler White as the guy, but seeing an opportunity to add Abreu at 1b would be something they would not pass up.  In other words, Tyler can go play in Japan with Dayan Viciedo if they have a chance to land Abreu.

Change up third base

I feel, and I think most of us do, Yolmer is not a full time third basemen.  What I would like to see, if nothing is added from free agency, is Jose Rondon get a chance at third.  It is possible that he has the power to stay at third.  I am less concerned with the glove, that seems to play.  But what if we have Jose Ramirez light in Jose Rondon, does that solve the third base problem and allow spending elsewhere in 2019?  We’d still get all the Yolmer antics, but with like 20-25 HR from our third baseman.

The fifth starter

In this scenario, you pretty much know the first four in the rotation: Carlos Rodon, Reynaldo Lopez, Lucas Giolito, and Dylan Covey.  But who fills that fifth spot?  I am sure that Fulmer and other bad pitchers will get a chance to compete during Spring Training.  However, the guy that I’d like to see separate himself from the pack and take that role is Spencer Adams.  I don’t want to rush Cease or Dunning or Hansen to the rotation, so someone almost unexpected has to take this role.  Spencer Adams seems to be that guy.  DO YOU MISS JAMES SHIELDS YET?!

Clear out right field

There are a bunch of outfielders floating around in the system that are probably AAAA guys.  So first off, DFA Avisail Garcia and shed that $8M.  Next, commit to Daniel Palka at DH with minimal days in the OF.  Use 2019 to cycle through as many different outfielders as possible at as many spots as possible.  Nicky D, Cordell,  Tilson,  Engel, Leury, Basabe, Adolfo, and of course Eloy are all on the 40 man roster.  Let’s figure this shit out!

The bullpen

This is something I have discussed with ‘Loaf.  We have a stupid amount of relievers that have been acquired via trades by Rick Hahn.  Basically, if you have a minor league bullpen arm that is going to be Rule 5 eligible, just give Hahn a ring and he’ll give you something for that player.  Hahn is like the baseball card collector that grabs up as many commons as possible in hopes that one of these guys will become a star and it will all be worth it, but then realizes he’s living in a studio apartment and doesn’t have room for 25,000 baseball cards.  You have to sort out which of these arms is a real arm and build a bullpen for the future.  So cycle all of the guys on the 40-man throughout the 2019 season and much like RF, figure this shit out!

I hope, at this point, you are as depressed as I am looking at the bull flop team we would have if nothing is done in free agency.  But before you write “Brooks was here” on that ceiling beam, take a moment and realize that this should not happen.  Hahn, Kenny, and Jerry need to spend some money so all of the above is not our reality in 2019.


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