Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn are FIRED!

I couldn’t believe it either, but at 5:45pm CT….

I was eating dinner with my family, watching an interesting Netflix special on BALCO, which I was loving, when I decided to pick up my phone and one of the many DM groups I am a part of happened to post the tweet. I won’t lie to you. As I mentioned in the 108 LIVE STREAM posted below, my eyes welled up reading this. A REAL CHANGE! Then my skeptical side got the best of me and I double, triple checked that this wasn’t some fake account on twitter playing with my fucking emotions. Once I realized it was not, then I released what I thought was a fire tweet.

We talked through these moves in the LIVE STREAM…but now that it has set in, a couple of things are coming to realization for me.


I have to retire three of my most popular memes. The 108 blog started in 2016 and these three memes ring out in the Twitter streets like Omar’s name. I’m sad to retire them, but they were worthwhile. These fellas earned them and while I am sad to say good bye to them, I’m pretty happy to be looking to make new ones for the next people in charge.

Give Chorizy Credit for Calling This

My baby brother actually predicted that this was a possibility WAY BACK IN APRIL. The blog is HERE. Yea, he basically laid it all out, the comments crushed him with the usual bullshit, but he had the balls to put it out there and it happened. It’s interesting when resources and incentives meet up and things go wrong how the unlikely can become more predictable.

MySoxSummer is probably going to be RIGHT ALSO

A couple of months ago, my guy MySoxSummer predicted that there would be a Sox Fest. He’s taken a ton of shrapnel since….even from some of our dearest friends. But boy have the tables turned….he’s probably a favorite again on his call. I eagerly await the apologies for all the shit he’s gotten recently.


A lot of the early Chicago talk is circling around Theo Epstein, but I really just don’t see it. There isn’t a substantial prize to earn with the White Sox such as breaking a long World Series curse. Also, with the team looking to sell in the short term, I just can’t fathom them offering Theo an ownership stake in a situation that could turn over rapidly and complicate a transaction. Nope. I would say that even though Sports Talk Radio will run with this for the rest of the regular season, I’d put this pretty low on the probability list.

Give me someone with the following characteristics…..Young, Aggressive, Hard Working, Willing to Listen to Scouts and Old Baseball People, Analytical and Entrepreneurial. The next great revolution of baseball won’t be what we think it is. EVERYONE has data and is crunching the shit out of it and yes I’d like our next head baseball honcho to catch us up on that, but I’d also like that person to be able to move beyond that and into whatever area is the next great advantage. Jerry Reinsdorf did the right thing TODAY (shockingly), but now he has the chance to do the right thing for TOMORROW as well.


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