#108WeightLoss ’22 – ’23 – Meet The Players!

It’s back! Your favorite WST weight loss challenge is BACK! But this year, much like Jose Canseco during his career, it’s on steroids! We have 12 people competing for the glory of being crowned ’22 – ’23 #108WeightLoss Champion! Let’s meet them…

The Drunk Uncles – @fromthe108

Yep, the three formerly fat bastards are back in the competition. MSS took the crown in ’21 – ’22, can BeefLoaf bounce back and make some noise? Is Chorizy even alive? FIND OUT SOON!

Josh Nelson – @soxmachine_josh

Josh is trying to get in shape for his upcoming nuptials. Can he lose enough to win the whole thing? We’re guessing no, but he can try.

Billy Wires – @wires_billy

You might know Billy by his former Twitter accounts (too many to name). He reached out to us to be included as he finds himself fat and is ready to lose some weight. He has his own gym in the garage and a pool at his disposal. We’ve seen his skinny pics, so we know it can be done. Most importantly, if he keeps this Twitter account active for this entire competition, it will be a big W.

Bologna – @PeterFonseca

1/3 of @chisportsbums, McCaskey hater. White Sox tweeter. Big Paco’s Tacos guy. Bourbon Bum. #TheBumCast LIVE Monday Nights! Peter is new on the scene and ready to make a name for himself in this challenge! Great guy with great ideas. Dogs love him cause he’s crazy sniffable.

Missy – @messycarroll

Missy by day, Messy by night. A legit TikTok STAR & creator of @SSBehavior . Another new face on the scene looking to make some noise. Missy is going against the big boys (like, for real) can she beat them all? WE SHALL SEE!

Dougie Freshness $AMC- @Douglasm1986

Dougie is a big beer / bourbon guy and has shared some serious gems at all the Lot B tailgates this year. He’ll be posting meals, workouts, so give him a follow! He’s very motivated to make himself over! We’re happy he’s here and ready to see him make some noise!

And now, new for 2022-23….THE TEAMS.

King & Queen Nom – @Pockets125 & @buehrlecat

Two of the nicest, most generous people the 108 has even met. You might remember King Nom from such things as $1 Dog Eating Contest (which he won by eating 149.5 wieners) and his multiple appearances in the #SundaySoak! Queen Nom is best know for her controversial (but 100% correct) take on Jenny from Forrest Gump. Both are great follows on Twitter and are always showing WST how much they love one another.

Yumper & Svo – @YumperAndSvo / @LilYumper / @DoughBoiSvo

The guys behind WST’s #1 MOVIE RELATED PODCAST Yumper & Svo At The Show! Also some of the nicest guys in WST, they are ready to destroy their competition like Rocky did Drago. Give them a follow right now as they are doing “31 Days Of Horror” and talking about some of their favorite horror movies!

And there you have it! All the players for this years challenge. It starts this Thursday (10/6) and will run till we start up the #108Tourney in March! There are no prizes for the winner, just glory. The #108WeightLoss Challenge is a percentage based challenge. Look for updates every Thursday!

Wanna Play At Home?

A bunch of people have asked if they can play at home and the answer is YES! If you wanna be like the cool kids, just post your weight on Thursday and track your progress! If you don’t want to post your weight, just post the % lost/gained weekly. If you end up beating the ’22-’23 #108WeightLoss Champion, we’ll send you some FREE 108 swag*.

*Restrictions DO apply and we reserve the right to tell you to GFY if we think you are being dishonest.

Get ready everybody, it’s gonna get nuts!

-The 108

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