I Wonder If…With MSS.

The thing about being me is that you can start a series of blogs (epic shit), or Tik Toks (bobblehead history) and if they get neglected they won’t die. You can come back to them anytime you want. I figure why not start a new one? You with me?!?!? HELL YES. Welcome to another MSS/108 Production…I Wonder If…With MSS!

If you know me, which many of you do, I am a collector of a bunch of stuff. But my main love is White Sox bobbleheads. I have every bobblehead given away by the Sox, including the limited ones that were given away at Fantasy Camp, theme nights, charity releases, all them fuckers. It’s been a passion project of mine, and I am a sucker for a bobblehead.

So when the White Sox announced that the remaining weekday games would be MYSTERY BOBBLEHEAD nights, your boy was very excited. Will the bobbleheads be something special? MAYBE, but I am guessing that they will be SGA (stadium giveaway) releases from the past few years. But like EVERY FUCKING WHITE SOX FAN, I love the unknown. So yes, me, MSS will be purchasing multiple tickets for this awesome promotion.

Now, here is what I have been wondering about…

Should I buy multiple tickets for one night or single tickets for multiple nights?

That’s the play right? If I’ve learned anything from my P.I.C.’s Loaf and Chorizy, you wanna hedge your bets. You spread that love across several picks and hope that it comes back tenfold. But they also have told me to load up on something that you know if a good deal (like MYSTERY BOBBLEHEADS). I am still confused on what I should do. On one hand the first night might have a bunch of options, but on the other it might be better to wait till the end to get the bottom the barrel (which might be the rare stuff). Its a hard call! Might have to do both.

Since I am writing about this, it’s basically for work, can I write this off?

I mean, who says no? Besides the IRS and 108 accountant BeefLoaf. I am not a taxes guy, but this makes sense to me. As a small business (eBay, Beanie Baby reseller) I write off a bunch of stuff. Most of the time the general deductions are more than my itemized deductions but I regress. I guess I could ask Loaf if this would fly in person (or over messenger) but I need to make #Content, so this will do. But if that doesn’t work maybe…

Can I use 108 funds to buy these tickets?

Might be my best shot at getting these tickets paid for! I’d say they are free but I prefer to think of me EARNING these tickets BY MAKING #CONTENT for the great 108. I am writing this blog (1), there will be another one when I open them (1), plus multiple tweets across our accounts (5), maybe even a FUCKING TIK TOK (5) of me opening the packages! At a minimum it’s at least 12 engagements that REWARDS OUR FANS with great #CONTENT. I’m pretty sure I can pull some “Jedi Mind Tricks” on my guy Loaf, but Chorizy and Josh Nelson have that nerd podcast on Star Wars so he might not fall into my trap as easy as the bigger fucker.

So that’s what I have been wondering about. Find out TONIGHT what I will do. Check our Twitter for updates or even our TikTok! I had a hella long day yesterday (gym, recorded at Barstool Chicago with Dave, drank alot, saw Eric Clapton) so I am sure I will be in fantastic shape tonight! Tune in to see.


UPDATE! Went to purchase tickets for tonight and there were already off the site. If you bought tickets for tonight’s game PLEASE SHARE YOUR BOBBLEHEADS!

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