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Easily one of my favorite people that I have met through FromThe108, Matt Ramsey. Whether it be Star Wars, the Sox, the Simpsons, or anything else that starts with the letter S, I really enjoy chatting with ole kdgg09, so I definitely want to know his favorite album.

Name/Twitter Handle

Matthew Ramsey IV – @kdgg09

Favorite Album

Lupe Fiasco’s – Food & Liquor

First time you heard it

The first time I listened to this album through and through had to be 2007, I guess this is considered “poser” status as the album was released in September of 2006. I’m sure Lupe has forgiven me, my mother has not. I was definitely hooked the first time I heard “Daydreamin’”. The track is an absolute banger and I’m glad it experienced some mainstream success.

How often do you listen to it?

I listen to a track from this album at least once a week. Every couple months or so I’ll throw on the noise cancelling head phones and give this album a spin from start to finish. Many endorphins are released.

Why is this your favorite album?

I actually had much internal debate when I was approached with this Favorite Album question. I narrowed my search down to three albums; Kendrick Lamar’s – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, Lupe Fiasco’s – Food & Liquor, and Marvin Gaye’s – What’s Going On. I own all three of these albums on CD, for the readers 14 and younger you can Google “Compact Disc” (still the best audio format). All three albums have funky ass bass lines and I’m a sucker for da bass. I had to eliminate Marvin Gaye’s album from my search like Marvin’s dad eliminated him. It came down to Kendrick and Lupe, and Lupe’s album prevailed.

I can honestly say I’ve listened to Food & Liquor more than any other album in my digital or physical music collection. Prior to this album I always enjoyed the Rap/Hip-hop genres, even if the album messages had absolutely nothing to do with my lifestyle. Food & Liquor took it a different route, my mans Lupe just rapped about anything he wanted to. It wasn’t about bling, wasn’t about Air Force 1’s, and grills. It is a very Midwest Hip-Hop sound, and I love that shit. In addition, I’ve seen Lupe perform this album from start to finish in concert with a full band *chef’s kiss*.

Which track would be your walk up music?

“Real” would be my walk-up track.

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