Why I Cashed Out My Twins Future and Bet it ALL on the White Sox?

We just got done recording a goddamn electric FromThe108 Podcast. Our power trio covered a myriad of topics that ranged from TMZesque to Baseball Analysis to Gambling…..ahh gambling. Remember, you can bet with the 108ers at Pointsbet.com promo code 108ing, just hit the link HERE.

Anyways, we chatted through whether or not we’d bet Dylan Cease to win the AL Cy Young at +275 at Pointsbet (I wouldn’t, but you’ll have to watch the podcast to find out why) and we also talked about whether we would bet at even money that Jose Abreu would lead the White Sox in RBI this year (this is with the BeefLoaf booking), which I also bet no. But the discussion was most passionate on the White Sox AL Central division winner bet.

The Sox are struggling mightily through a stretch in which they should be eating. They are playing the bottom of the barrel teams and continuing their frustrating brand of mediocrity along the way. I think that’s why Chorizy-E and I got into a heated discussion about this bet and why he tried to goad me, tried to own me, and got me to proclaim “I should cash out my Twins future and bet it all on the White Sox!!!”

Wait, what Twins future?

I’m no novice bettor. Chorizy and I made a good chunk of money betting on stuff from about 2008-2013 or 2014. We’ve been guests on Sam Panayotovich’s excellent gambling podcast Chicken Dinner, twice, listen to us HERE and HERE.

So I do know my way around a bet or two and sometimes I just like to flat out bet for value. In this instance, I put in a preseason bet on the Twins to win the division when I was awoken in the middle of the night by an ESPN alert that they had signed Carlos Correa. A shock in the moment, but as I realized I wasn’t dreaming, I figured there was probably value in the markets. There was. Anyways, I have threatened to cash in this bet before…..

And my buddy Sammy P did respond….

I wish I would’ve at the time, as the bet was worth more then. Of course the White Sox have increased in price too, +130 has grown to +200, so the change in juiciness in the White Sox price and the retreat in my cash out value of the Twins bet kinda went together. Tonight, after shouting at Chorizy that I would do it and the commenters of the podcast daring me to do so, including long-time 108 ball-buster White Sox Sal following up after the podcast….

I did it.


As I noted in the podcast, when there is blood in the streets, it is the best time to buy. Most of the people that I talk White Sox with have been underwhelmed by this team for materially the whole season, however the last couple of weeks that feeling has turned to sheer terror for most of them. You listen to a White Sox podcasts these days and it’s like a fucking funeral. Even Steve Stone, (no relation to Sara Stone, probably) who told us all to “Enjoy the Ride” is breaking bad on them left and right. Sports talk radio is pronouncing them dead. PERFECT. I have never felt better about making this bet.

There’s the situation. 3.5 games back with a little less than a third of the season to go. 50 games. If I didn’t think they are the best team on true talent (which I do think they are, even after the Twins added at the deadline) I would still think +200 is nearly breakeven given this situation (aka winning the division 1 out of 3 times would make the bet breakeven). Add in that I think the team is the best one, even if the first 112 games aren’t bearing that out. I’m happy to make this bet. I can’t wait use this bet to pay for a Steak Dinner bet, if I ever lose one of those again…


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