Brew’s Review: Beat The Heat – Summer Beers Edition

As the calendar officially turns to summer along with that comes the extended heat waves in Chicago.  Do not worry, breweries across the country have you covered with refreshing beers that are perfect for those hot and humid days out in the sun.  I recently went to my local Binny’s searching specifically for the best beers to have on a scorching hot day.     

Pollyanna Brewing: Summerly Raspberry Wheat Ale (4.8% ABV)

Leading off is a classic beer from Pollyanna Brewing out of Lemont.  This wheat ale is loaded with raspberries and pours looking as you’d imagine with the slight raspberry coloration and the wheat appearance.  As expected the raspberry flavor is very heavy and phenomenal. Whether you are simply soaking up the rays on a 100 degree day or finishing a long day of working outside, this beer hits the spot.  Additionally, you can find it in the Craft Lodge as well as at several beer stands at White Sox games.  

Maplewood Brewery: Orange Crushinator Fruited Session IPA (4.5% ABV)

Orange Crushinator is a variant of Maplewood’s classic session IPA simply known as “Crushinator.”  This variant of this beer adds orange as well as tangerine to complete the beer with loads of citrus flavor.  I have always enjoyed Crushinator, however, adding in the blast of orange flavor truly brings this beer to the next level for the summer.  If you enjoy citrus flavors, this beer is especially for you.  Additionally, it doesn’t bring in the overloaded IPA bitterness that many people dislike.  Grab a 4 pack of Orange Crushinator at your local liquor store and head over to Billy Wires new pool to crush these beers.   

Great Lakes Brewing: Dortmunder Gold Lager (5.8% ABV)

I came across Dortmunder Gold while picking up a variety pack that offered five different beers from Great Lakes Brewing (15 total).  Dortmunder Gold was by far my favorite of the five.  As one would expect, the lager pours with a very gold color and crisp flavor.  Despite a slightly higher ABV for the summer conditions, you will still feel instantly refreshed and will no longer be parched after a few sips of this beer. 

Mikerphone Brewing: La Cucalaga Mexican Lager with Lime Peel (5% ABV)

Last but not least, I had to grab a beer from one of my favorite breweries, Mikerphone Brewing.  I had yet to try La Cucalaga, however, it has been on my radar and I was waiting for the right time to have this beer.  That time would be now.  Mexican lagers are a very popular beer, especially in the summer.  La Cucalaga pours and appears like any other Mexican lager, what stands out is the lime peel flavor that really can rejuvenate your spirits on a 95 plus degree day at the beach.  La Cucalaga will definitely be my go to lager of the summer moving forward.  You can find La Cucalaga at your local Binny’s, go pick it up on your next visit to beat the heat.  

If you are looking for additional options: MySoxSummer, BeefLoaf, and Chorizy-E did a summer beers draft back in the day that you can check out here.


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