Mullet Night? And A Request From MSS.

This past homestand it was “Rock and Roll” night at Sox Park. It was Friday The 13th, which seems like a great night to have a Jason Voorhees look-a-like running around the park trying to murder Southpaw. You could use the creepy music, have live footage on the big screen, just have fun with it. But goddamn PC culture killed fun shit like that, IMO. They’ll say we might scar a kid for life cause he shit his pants seeing Jason walking out of the Old Comiskey shower, carrying a huge knife. And that’s not all PC culture killed, it also killed Mullet Night.

I don’t have all of the details, so I’m just gonna make assumptions and call them facts. My first assumption is the good folks at G Rate didn’t wanna offend a buncha hillbillies so they changed the very popular Mullet Night into the watered down version, less fun….Rock & Roll Night. I mean, do I understand it? Absolutely not. Patrick Kane was a proud supporter of the mullet during the playoffs back when we still liked the Blackhawks. And even our guy Beefloaf rocked one for a $500 payday. I see no reason why they needed to change this theme night, it was PERFECT. *chefs kiss*

While thinking about all this sadness, I had an idea. Even though Mullet Night is dead, we can still honor the creator of Mullet Night. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Did you know the Sox just built a bust to honor former governor Jim Thompson? Yep, they sure fucking did, so we know they like to make statues and honor the fuck outta anyone. I am also very confident that one day this guy will have a statue (if not 2), but first he should be honored in another location.

Ladies and gentlemen, Brooks Boyer (Mullet Night Creator, 108 Fan, All Around Nice Guy) needs to be featured on the 35th Street Viaduct Mural. You have former players on there, Obama, local politicians, Jerry, Southpaw, you know, all the big wigs. We’re just missing the man behind one of the most beloved theme nights in sports history.

Did Brooks ever rock a mullet? I have to think he did. He was a fantastic basketball player for the Fighting Irish back in the 90’s and if you were a white guy playing college hoops back then it was almost a requirement. I mean…

When we had Brooks on our podcast, he told us all the 90’s Bulls stories, but he really lit up when he took the credit for creating Mullet Night. This man has 3 championship rings from the Chicago Bulls and one from our White Sox and his proudest sports moment, according to him, was creating the Mullet Night promotion. And that’s mural worthy IMO.

Let’s stop honoring our modern day heroes when they are dead and buried. Brooks deserves to walk down 35th street and see himself immortalized among the important players in White Sox baseball history. And if he’s not up there cause of financial restraints I can’t think of a better way to use the 108 fortune. I’ll drop off that bag of cash anytime you need it White Sox. Let’s get this done. Rock On.


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