Beers of the Homestand: Episode 1

While attending the first two homestands of the season I decided that I will continue to try the variety of beers that the ballpark has to offer.  While I will always have my go to beers and will be making frequent trips to the Midwest Beer Stand at the top of the 108, I feel it is imperative to report back on what else the ballpark has to offer.  

Half Acre Daisy Cutter (5.2% ABV)

Purchased Location: Midwest Beer Stand

While visiting the beer stand at the top of the 108 I noticed two things: first, Pineapple Guppy is on the menu but has yet to arrive at the park and second, the beer selection here is significantly less than in previous years.  The good news is they have more hard seltzer options, which is very appealing to many.  In the meantime, my go to beer from the best beer stand in the park is Daisy Cutter.  One of Half Acre’s flagship beers, Daisy Cutter is a very light, easy drinking pale ale good for any day or night at the park.  Make sure to visit the Midwest Beer Stand and check out all that they have to offer. 

Buckledown: Hideout Hazy IPA w/Blood Orange (6% ABV)

Purchased Location: Leinenkugel’s Craft Lodge

As I made my way down to the lodge, formerly known as the kave, I was pleased to see the same vast selection as in previous years.  Naturally, my first choice down here was from one of my favorite breweries, Buckledown Brewery out of Lyons. Hideout Hazy really loads up the blood orange flavor backed with citra, el dorado, and loral hops.  While I enjoyed the tropical flavors of Hideout Hazy, this is a beer that I will hold off on until the weather warms up as it didn’t have the same appeal on a 45 degree rainy day.  

Hop Valley Brewing Company: Bubble Stash IPA (6.2% ABV)

Purchased Location: Leinenkugel’s Craft Lodge

While the shortcut to the craft lodge was locked for the final portion of the second homestand, I still opted to take the long route up and around to choose another beer from the lodge.  (Side note: seriously?? WTF, White Sox?? What’s the deal with this??!! Keep the shortcut open!!)  Hop Valley is located out of Eugene, Oregon and I’ve actually been to the original brewery.  (SCODUCKS!)  Once I saw Bubble Stash in stock, I knew it was a must buy.  BONUS:  Bubble Stash is sold here in a 19.2 ounce can AND it’s the same price as all of the other 16 ounce cans.  Talk about more bang for your buck!  I will continue to go back to the lodge for this mosaic cryo hopped beer.  

Hop Butcher For The World: Roughspun Double IPA (8.5% IPA)

Purchase Location: The Marketplace

I recently heard that there was a new grab and go craft stand located at the former site of LaRussa’s/Loretta’s Lounge in the left field corner.  Naturally, I had to venture that way to see what they had to offer.  I am very happy that Hop Butcher will once again have their beers in rotation at the park throughout the year.  Roughspun tastes like your classic, thick, strong, Hop Butcher IPA.  I enjoy these beers, but I don’t see myself having more than one of these at any single game due to their high ABV.  Check out Hop Butcher in the craft lodge or at the marketplace.  

Bonus Review: The Marketplace Grab ‘n Go

As a new beer location in the park, I feel it is necessary to discuss the new beer shop in the park.  You can walk into this small stand and walk up to a cooler and grab your beer, similar to the craft lodge.  While much smaller, the craft beer selection here is very limited.  I like the feature of the self checkout stands after you grab your beer, however,  it seems to defeat the purpose when a worker has to be there to verify your age and open your beer for you before you complete your purchase.  Additionally, while doing self checkout the register asks if you would like to add a tip for your purchase.  I am very much in favor of tipping your vendors and workers at the ballpark, however, for a self checkout station this felt unnecessary.  If you are sitting near this beer stand it is a quick, convenient location, if not, I recommend sticking to the craft lodge or the Midwest Beer Stand at the top of the 108.

I look forward to the next homestand and trying different beers.  If you have a beer I should try at the ballpark, let me know and I may feature it in the next blog.  Stay tuned for more after each homestand 

Cheers and Go White Sox!

-Brew Hand Luke 

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