White Sox Run Club Bio: Keelin (@Keelin_12ft)

Many of you may know Keelin as a gigantic skeletal figurine.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, you may recognize her as an enthusiast of the late Dale of Nascar fame.  Some of you may simply know her as a rootin’ ‘n’ tootin buckaroo who happens to be a fan of the White Sox (and Titans and Saints).  Regardless of how you know Keelin, here’s her White Sox Run Club story, enjoy!

How long have you been running for?

My running “career” turns legal drinking age (21) this month. I am now accepting anniversary beers.

How in the world did you get into running?

I grew up in a town that allowed middle schoolers to participate in high school sports. I started running track as an extracurricular outside of basketball season when I was 12. After one season of track, I ended up quitting basketball because I was all about track and cross country.

Age 13 and trying to run away from the awkward hellscape of puberty.

I enjoyed the solitude and fast pace of racing while also still being part of a team.

Now, I run and try to stay active to keep my physical and mental health afloat.

Running Shoe:

The Adidas Boston series are the best shoes for longer distances. I got my first pair in high school. I tried a few different types since then but returned to Bostons. 

Current Adidas Adizero Boston shoes

When I got my first pair of Bostons in high school, I was a little embarrassed because they looked like grandma shoes. Luckily, grandmas know what’s up in terms of comfort, and I embrace this aged look now.

Favorite Running Route:

In Chicago, I enjoy running on the 312 RiverRun Trail and to/from Gompers Park Lagoon and beyond. 

312 RiverRun Trail
Near the Gompers Park Lagoon

There are a number of nature available only by foot in Chicago. I have even seen a few families of deer while running and walking on trails in the city.

Do you have a favorite playlist or podcast you listen to during your runs?  

Every few seasons I make a new running playlist on Spotify. So I have 15 or so workout playlists. The songs on the list vary greatly with the best song being the 1997 hit “Are You Jimmy Ray?”.

What advice do you have for other White Sox Run Club participants about running or staying active?

Folks may find different aspects of being active challenging or motivating.
Personally, I experience difficulty staying consistent with activity. I have found success using a psychology backed trick of doing all of the actions to prepare for a run: put on my workout clothes, put on my shoes, put my headphones in my bag, prepare some water, and other similar activities. Once I put shoes on, it is a little more challenging to bullshit myself out of at least going somewhere.

On really rough days, I’ll say “Maybe I’m not going to run 3 miles today, but I am going to walk or run/walk 4-5 miles while listening to a podcast I really like.” Sometimes it means I might just focus on lifting weights or biking. Sometimes it might mean I might need a change of scenery.

It can also help to have tangible goals like running a 5k, running a certain distance and/or certain time, lowering blood pressure, or losing weight. It is up to you to find what feels “good enough” and achievable.

Finally, if you have a friend or partner, it is helpful to go to the gym or go for runs together. Solidarity rules!

2022 White Sox Bold Prediction:

Eloy won’t get injured running into a wall or human.

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