The One Hitter – Right Field

Don’t forget to exhale!

I’ve already written about what I expect Michael Conforto to age like, you can read that blog HERE.

Cliff notes: he should age well

I also recently introduced yous to comparing wRAA (weighted Runs Above Average) of the White Sox hitters in 2021 versus what various projection modules believe they’ll do in 2022, you can read that blog HERE.

Cliff notes: the group should improve, it’s mostly Eloy

Let’s combine those and just look at the White Sox Right Field options, internal and Conforto.

Right Field

This is a landslide, the projected Michael Conforto absolutely crushes the internal options. Even mixing and matching wouldn’t seem to get close to his potential value. I’ll admit, I think these systems are likely undervaluing Adam Engel, he’s a different hitter than what they are likely regressing back to, but who knows if he can even stay on the field.

When the dust settles on this lockout, I’d really like to see the White Sox pushing their chips in on Conforto. Let’s stabilize Right Field once and for all.


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