The #108Tourney Reveal Show is Thursday, March 10th

SPONSORED by Goose Island and Wings and Rings

That’s right, the moment yous (this is Bridgeport) have all been waiting for is almost upon us. We will do the #108Tourney Reveal Show on Thursday, March 10th on our YouTube channel (subscribe HERE) at 8pm sharp. That is the night we will announce all 8 brackets of 16 participants for a total field of 128 White Sox Twitter members.

A few more things while we are here….

History of the #108Tourney?

In case you are NEW to #108ing and the #108Tourney, and want to know the “HISTORY” of the #108Tourney, you can go to the #108Tourney tab on our website, located HERE and get all of the past brackets and such going back to the beginning of time. If you don’t want to spend that much got-damned time, you can watch the short video below to get all caught up.

Tell us about the actual 108Tourney Reveal Show

Well, it will be approximately 3 hours of good old fashion #108ing fun. Similar to an NCAA Tournament bracket reveal show except YOU, yes YOU, might be an entrant into this. We’ll have analysis on each bracket, discuss matchups that we like and potential tournament sleepers in each bracket. We’ll also have a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST CO-HOST, whose identity will be revealed at a later date.

The show will also have LIVE REACTIONS from #108Tourney participants on their first round matchup and their bracket in total. Not to mention discussion of our two AWESOME SPONSORS Goose Island and Wings and Rings.

What else can we expect?

Well, below is the whole #108Tourney schedule.

In addition to the outline, that Sunday Soak on March 13th will be dedicated to questions about the #108Tourney. Also, each evening after the close of the polls, we’ll do a #108Tourney recap show for the day. Those shows have harvested some of the very finest content that this group has produced and quite possibly some of the most #NSFW content as well.

Is that it?


You can also expect Chorizy and BeefLoaf (OH AND MYSOXSUMMER!) to go to Wings and Rings on Saturday, March 5th for a LIVE reveal of just the #1 seeds in each region. Just enough #108Tourney to wet your beak and get you ready for Thursday, March 10th’s BIG REVEAL!!!

Lastly, absolutely DO NOT be surprised if some real life celebrities drop by White Sox Twitter during the #108Tourney to give you their thoughts.

So join us, for a wild damn ride through March where we go from 128 White Sox Twitter personalities down to 1. LFG!!


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