Rick Giolito was in the chat during our podcast. The MSS Re-Cap.

On Thursday (2/3) we recorded our top rated White Sox podcast with the good folks from Good Guys Talk Back, featuring Nick and Pat. It was an all around good time and we discussed a shitload of baseball stuff. You should really give it a listen (or even a watch on YouTube) when you get a chance. It’s a pretty fun listen. But one thing happened that hasn’t really taken over the internet yet….Rick Giolito (Lucas & Casey’s Dad) showed up and was up in our chat. And here’s what he had to say…

About 70 minutes into the podcast, the comment above pops up and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY and excited that our guy, Papa G, is right up in the mix. I know he’s just moments away from capping on my guy VeganLoaf, which he does almost immediately…

DIRECT HIT. Loaf famously was not high on Dylan Cease and Rick let him know he was gonna be “a DUDE” during #108Fest last year. Which HAPPENED. I loved it, it’s always great when ‘Loaf get’s his come ‘uppins. . Then our guy Rick rick drops this piece of knowledge on us that NO ONE is talking about….

4 MOTHERFUCKING PITCHES. Can you imagine? I’m pretty sure it moved when I read that. Just look at my face. And I am pointing to the chat so ERRRRBODY sees it.

Rick then starts talking about the pitching staff, which I can only assume he has some pretty good direct knowledge about and here’s the nuggs he dropped.

All these things seem OK. I can take that and it seems 100% reasonable that Kopech is gonna creep back rather than just dominate. If we can get Dallas to be 25% better, I am ok with that too. Then I think the biggest thing get’s dropped, something that if it was said on any corporate podcast it would be a fucking headline. Rick Giolito talks contract extension….and asks for our help.

And this makes me 100% happy. Lucas Giolito wants to be a White Sox, he likes us, the org, the staff, his teammates enough to wanna ride this out. That’s something that we as fans need to remember when the talks start. We’ve discussed it before, but Lucas ain’t in the position that he NEEDS the money, but Lucas KNOWS what he’s worth. There is ZERO reason that he shouldn’t get top dollar when he goes to re-sign, considering what guys that are older than him are getting.

Here’s some more nuggs of knowledge….

We’d never say anything negative about our guy Lucas.

We were oddly pessimistic on the team’s future that night.

Just confirming what we all knew, those Astro fucks are still cheating.

Rick is 100% for robot umps.

Rick is a Seby Stan. #Noted

This is great to hear. I see no reason this CAN’T happen. And that career arc sounds about right if he takes it a little easy on the Red Bull.

That’s sad to hear. And all you assholes wanted to blame Tony or Eaton. Shame on you.

God I hope so……

Fuck yeah! It’s not over till Rick says it’s over baby!

Yeah, I can’t imagine it’s helping anyone, especially not the pitchers who would be reporting to camp now. Goddamn it.

And despite all the emojis, it was really Rick Giolito up in our chat. We owe our guy BeefLoaf some credit for getting Rick’s attention at first and then holding it. You see, you never know who’s gonna show up in our chat. Big ups to Rick for hanging with us common folk and talking some baseball.

Make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube as this week we’ll have Janice Scurio on talking all sorts of shit. Maybe even some baseball, but we can’t say for sure.



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