Happy #108Day – 2022 Edition!


It all started because, King & Queen Nom slipped MSS an envelope with a few bucks in it. They told him to donate the money to any cause he wanted. But he had a plan. That initial donation was $1 for every hot dog that King Nom ate that year, which was 150. That year (with a generous matching donation by @bwrchicago) we raised nearly $4,000 dollars. In 2021 we doubled that to $8,000. #108Day is our day to shine and do something good! We’ll be donating our profits from our #108Day Live! Show at Reggies! AND for those who can’t be there we’ll be selling stuff online, all the profits will be donated to 3 different charities. Sounds dope huh?

Here’s the details for #108Day 2022….

We have our own collector cards.

Last year we did stickers, this year it’s trading cards! That’s right! Your donation of $15 will get you an 8 card set shipped to your door. Oh you wanna know who’s in it? Of course you do! But you gotta buy it to know! Know that you will receive the rookie cards of the two brothers in From The 108. Look at these hunks…

In addition to the regular set, there are 2 autograph versions also available. Yes, you will receive the same premium card set BUT WITH RANDOM AUTOGRAPHS! Who will you get? That’s a MYSTERY, but you will no doubt be the envy of your friends. $20 for 1 special autograph, $25 for 3.

For our $108 donors, we have a special offer for you. Your own 108 card! Send MSS (mysoxsummer@gmail.com) a pic of who (or what) you want on the card and you will receive 100 cards WITH YOUR PICTURE ON IT shipped to your door. Amazing huh?

Also this year you can elect to “just donate” money and not get a prize. It’s lame AF but we know some of you would prefer this option.

Head over to our merch page and do some good for the local charities and get a fun 108 prize. Thanks for your support in previous years and looking forward to a record setting #108Day in 2022!

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