BeefLoaf’s #108ing New Year’s Resolutions

I put out a tweet pretty close to the end of 2021 noting that I might go out and do a laborious list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2022, like I used to do in my slightly younger years. Of course, my fuckstick brother had to take a pot shot at me, like he always does.

The reason to make a large list of “Resolutions” imo is to be able to focus in on small wins. To be able to get some of the multitude of things done that you want to do. On one of these lists many years ago, I learned how to swim, which is no small thing, but it’s also not the standard, “I’m not going to drink this year” or some other such bullshit that I would never accomplish. You want a list that stretches out and encompasses a bunch of things that while none might be as important as converting to a new religion or going vegan, it still helps to transform you more into the person you want to be.

That being said, I felt it important to put some Resolutions out there in the 108ing context. Look, we are all friends around here and shit, but I don’t think my full theoretical list is for sharing with EVERYONE. One, some of the stuff is personal and I don’t think it is shareable. Two, some of the items will bore you to tears or possibly make you think less of me (or make me think less of you when you admit you also want to accomplish said mundane task).

So, let’s take a look at some of my Resolutions. Those that involve content, #108ing and other such nonsense that you might enjoy. These are things I’d like to get done before the next time I don a funny hat and drink myself silly into the wee hours of the night to celebrate a calendar page turn.

Get to 10,000 Twitter Followers

That’s where I am at right now. I remember telling Chorizy and MSS, “Now that I got to 5k followers on twitter, I don’t give a shit about adding more followers”. But that was total bullshit. I like having more followers, if I have something that I think is interesting or important to say, then it gets out to more people. More importantly, if yous have something interesting or important, I can retweet that shit to more people. Lastly, I’m a self-proclaimed LIKE WHORE, it’s noted in the profile, so it shouldn’t shock yous that this is the first goal / resolution.

Increase our blog traffic by 50%

This is probably more of a joint BeefLoaf / Chorizy goal / resolution, but both of us think that even after coming off of a year in which we increased our blog traffic ~35% year over year that there is more to go. Our easy bottom line is just writing more. Just getting more of our goofy and occasionally insightful bullshit into WordPress.

A pretty simple process really that just requires a little bit more discipline. I’m pretty thrilled at the prospect of challenging myself to write more. I’m not a good writer in any traditional capacity, however, what minimal skill I do have at getting a point across and entertaining is something I plan to tease out and push tremendously in 2022.

Make White Sox Twitter happenings a much bigger portion of our content

For years I have been trying to delegate or even off-board the idea that a blog or podcast could really fucking make hay in this echo-system by just covering what is going on with the various people, groups, cliques, podcasts, blogs in our fish bowl. Well guess what, after years of suggesting this as a good idea to people and putting it out there and nobody basically doing it, I realized that I should just fucking do it. PUT UP or SHUT UP! So I let MSS and Chorizy know that this is something I’ll be pushing in 2022.

As you an see we have already in late 2021 done blogs about Leila Rahimi’s bullshit pizza picture, as well as Alyssa Bergamini needing a new in-stadium production partner. That has continued with us featuring Sox In the Basement on our most recent podcast and discussing their recent merger with Sox On 35th. There is plenty more of that type of stuff to come and you are going to hear my opinions about all of it.

The #108Tourney has become a YUGE piece of White Sox twitta content, so why not keep barreling down that rabbit hole when there is something interesting or fun to discuss.

Find a Tequila Guy or Gal in the Ballpark

The entire #108WeightLoss saga, as well as the last couple tree years of extreme #108ing are teaching me a lot about my body and at 43 years old, I need to listen to my body more than ever. Beer is not the best elixir for the BeefLoaf. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love it and there ain’t anything else Imma be drinking during the #SundaySoak but delicious Goose Island beer (I have a Pavlovian response right now just thinking about it).

But attending a full season of games is a slog kids and boozing nearly every night can take a toll on the body. I have found over the last few years that Tequila just treats my body much better, so I am going to need to figure out a way to occasionally mix in some nights at the ballpark where some Tequilas neat will be my drink. If any of you know a bartender in the park that can accommodate me and would like to be taken care of for that effort, please to be reaching out.

Facilitate more group meet-ups

Last year, I thought we did a decent job coming out of a pandemic with this sort of thing, but it’s what makes our entire community fun and unique. We’ve teamed up with our friends at SoxMachine for large scale meet ups like the Milwaukee tailgate, while also doing a nice little LIVE SHOW circuit with Goose Island that has helped create smaller meet ups.

Still I think as we (hopefully) come out of this pandemic, we can continue to meet up on even a smaller level. I have a few avant garde ideas that I haven’t had a chance to put into play yet, but hopefully they become part of a larger portfolio of activities that we can enjoy each other’s company at.

There’s my #108ing based resolutions (or at least some of them) for 2022. You got resolutions?? Even smaller ones like some of these, please reach out on Twitter at holler at your boy.


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