Our Section. Our Community.

Here, at FromThe108, the three of us have strived to create a place in the ballpark where someone with a single ticket can come and feel like they’re sitting amongst friends.  We bring our friends, our parents, our wives, our daughters to the section and expect them to not only feel safe but respected.  It’s a simple idea, but one we strongly believe in. 

That feeling of safety, respect, and love that we feel in the section should extend throughout our community and it has for years.

There is no place in our community for what happened after Sunday’s game and we condemn Jason’s actions.

Our hearts go out to Mel, Jennifer, and Scarlett. You deserve much better than what has occurred. And we support you.

We will not be strangers during the off-season and we hope you will join us in keeping our tight knit White Sox community stronger than ever.

BeefLoaf. Chorizy. MySoxSummer.


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