White Sox GAME 3 ALDS is tomorrow, starter is currently TBD, but it should be Dylan Cease

The White Sox play their first home playoff game tomorrow in 13 years, after coming off of 2 soul crushing losses to begin this ALDS in Houston. Our fans are preparing for a “Black Out” loudly and proudly endorsed by basically everyone in our fanbase, but MySoxSummer. And for this momentous occasion the White Sox have TBD, on the mound as of right this second.

Nothing pumps up a fan base like having no clue who the starting pitcher would be.

There is absolutely no excuse for this shit. Tomorrow night, when the White Sox take the field, the starter should be Dylan Cease. This probably shocks long-time 108 fans as I am far from a Dylan Cease stan, in fact, I had a bit of a friendly dust up with friend of the show Rick Giolito (Papa G) about Cease. He told me, during #108Fest which aired on our YouTube channel back in January, that Cease would lead the team in strike outs and sure enough, he did!!

It’s a simple point why, I’ve done a turnabout and want Cease.


Going into this series, the Astros and White Sox strengths were on a collision course for each other and so far Houston is winning easily.

Since the All-Star break, guess which qualified starting pitcher in MLB has the highest K-Rate?

The one thing that might save us on Sunday night is a big strike out monster that won’t allow Houston’s dinks and dunks to demoralize us at the worst of times. Just gimme this one thing, I won’t ask for another.


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