I’m 100% Bringing My Glove To Every Game This Week..

What up fuckers? It’s your buddy MSS coming at you on the day off after the sweep to let ya know that I plan on taking my baseball glove to all the weekday games this week. Yep, me, MSS will be taking my baseball glove to the park like a young child. Yes, you read that right.

With the Covid restrictions, no more bags allowed in, I have to say not having one has been pretty dope. One less thing to worry about TBH. Do I miss having a few peanuts during the game? Barely. It’s been pretty nice. Another thing that has changed since the Covid is that we aren’t all sitting in 108. For this current homestand we are sitting in 104. Which is pretty ok, but I am missing that “classic 108 view”.

So with our new view, having everyone’s favorite RF’er Adam Eaton right there tossing balls to the crowd got me thinking, why shouldn’t I bring my glove? Sure, I’ve made fun of adults (even pre-net) that brought their glove. Hell, I’ve made fun of the assholes that have their glove on when they throw out a first pitch. Seems pretty lame if you ask me. But yet, here we are, me 100% positive that I will be bringing my glove to the park for the next 6 games. Crazy huh?

In the 108, pre-net, we’d get a few balls over there, but very rarely get one tossed to us. But in 104, THERE ALL BALLS FLYING EVERYWHERE. Just look at this….

IT’S WIDE FUCKING OPEN. Just ripe for getting a practice ball that is being tossed between Eaton and Robert. How cool would that be? Kinda cool I am guessing. I’ll find out this week. That’s for sure!

So, in conclusion, I will be bringing my Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Series 12″ glove (that I bought at a thrift store for $5) to all the games this week. I’ll keep ya updated if I get a ball or if I get skunked. I’ll also be prepared to take all the slander as a full grown adult at the ballgame with a baseball glove. So give me your best rip folks, I’ll be tweeting them.

See ya tomorrow Spanky….


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