Opening Day – Things to feel happy about

I think all of us have high expectations for this White Sox team. To see them go out and drop a winnable game like they did last night is downright deflating. Not to mention, there are jerks like this guy that want to focus on the negative:

Let’s rid ourselves of those negative Chorizy-E thoughts by replacing them with some positive Chorizy-E thoughts:

The Ace

Lucas Giolito was ELECTRIC last night. Eight strikeouts in 5 1/3 IP. He looked to be in mid-season form despite it being his first real game in months. If this is the Giolito we get all year, we’re going to be in very good shape. I can’t wait to see how high the over/unders get on his strikeout totals as the year progresses. One last note:

Right Field

The position we have been angry about since Carlos Quentin punched his bat, is actually where a majority of our production came from last night. I’m not saying Adam Eaton is the long term answer nor am I saying he’ll hit 30 bombs or some outrageous shit like that. But 15 HR Eaton is the best version you can get. He got off to a good start last night. Let’s hope he keeps it going.

Single handed run production

We all know Luis Robert is extremely talented. But let’s for a minute ignore his Pedro Cerrano-esque last at bat and focus on the second inning when he stretched a single into a double, stole third, and then scored on a wild pitch. It was an impressive feat and I can’t wait to see more of it. Even though all of it spikes my blood pressure to insane levels.

Desastre Personal

Yoan Moncada was anything but a disaster last night. In fact, I think we were all thinking the same thing. He’s back! Both on offense and defense, Moncada looked great. If there is one thing that has me excited, it is third base.

The Content

Rolling up to game time, there was so much White Sox content out there on the internets. I mean, just look at this:

If you missed our pre-game with SoxMachine, check it out here:

And then during the game, #WhiteSoxTwitter did not disappoint. Everyone is in on this team and a single loss won’t stop that. Here at FromThe108, we plan to keep the content flowing. We’ll be doing a weekly show on Clubhouse with White Sox Dave, the Fromthe108 Podcast will continue through the season, and the Sunday Soak returns on April 11th!

If all of that is not enough to give you some positive vibes, here’s me and my buddy Behm from Barren Plains and Gunner’s Daughter letting you know you should not worry and instead be happy.

Enjoy this before Bobby McFerrin’s lawyers make me take it down


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