The #108Tourney 2021 #Content Schedule

The #108Tourney is a tradition in the #WhiteSox twitter community. The 2021 Tournament will be the fourth. Over time, it has been a signal to our tribe out in White Sox twitter that the season is almost upon us. It’s time for us to cut loose a bit (online) and act a fool while preparing for the grind of 162. In honor of that, we wanted to bring you a blog that highlights the #content schedule for the tournament.

The #108Tourney BRACKET REVEAL SHOW is Thursday, March 11th at 8:30pm

The bracket reveal show will be on our YouTube channel and will also be released as a normal 108 Podcast. We’ll have our usual crew opining on the proceedings, but we’ll also invite in 108er Aloha Mr. Hand.

We will also have SPECIAL GUEST and now Tournament Chancellor White Sox Dave joining the show.

We’ll breakdown the brackets, comment on match-ups we are looking forward to, make some predictions and discuss and draft the #108Tourney snubs, which will be put into their own set of Twitter Polls to be granted the 108th spot in the tournament.

Monday, March 15th thru Wednesday, March 17th, Snubs Play-In Rounds

We’ll run prelim round twitter polls to figure out our 108th entrant and get ready to start the full fledged tournament on Thursday, March 18th….

Thursday, March 18th through Wednesday, March 31st – The #108Tourney

The #108Tourney consists of varying amounts of a head to head Twitter polls that constitute the daily matchups. These polls start in and around 8am in the morning and last for 12 hours during the day. We’ll whittle ourselfs down from the 108 person field to a champion on the evening of March 31st. It will inevitably be a new champion as well, because as previously noted, former 3-time Champion White Sox Dave is retired from the tournament.

Lastly, the 108ers will continue a new tradition that started last year, by bringing you the Nightly Recap show, that’s right, starting on Thursday, March 18th (as soon as all of the match-ups end for the day) through the final on Wednesday, March 31st, BeefLoaf, Chorizy-E or MySoxSummer will be coming at you nightly via Live Video on Twitter to recap the days action and we really have no idea how that will manifest itself.

Meme credit, that asshole Covey’s Burner

Below is the full daily schedule…..MEMORIZE IT or just click back into this blog to find out where we’s at.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our SPONSOR….Buffalo Wings and Rings Chicago….the TWO TIME SPONSOR of the #108Tourney, so glad to be back in business with them, you’ll be seeing a lot of thems in the next couple tree weeks.



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